women cybersecurity

women cybersecurity

Jan 222019

Women in cybersecurity: Marilyne Mendolla

Women have made significant progress in cybersecurity over the 6 years since Frost and Sullivan’s 2013 survey, which found that female workers made up just 11% of the global cybersecurity workforce. Today, that number has nearly doubled to 20%, according to CyberSecurity Ventures. That leaves room for improvement, however, since research shows that diverse teams […]

Aug 162018

Cyber Black Market: What You Wouldn’t Think a Hacker Wants

| Senior Threat Intel Analyst

It is not difficult to understand the value of stolen bank accounts, credit cards, and social security numbers to cybercriminals. Each of those items are pieces of the average person’s financial life, and the fact that they can easily translate to profits in the hands of sellers on the cyber black market should come as […]

Corey Milligan

Senior Threat Intel Analyst

Corey has more than 18 years of IT experience. Before coming to Armor, he worked his way up the Army ranks, retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer and one of the Army’s first Cyber Operations Technicians. He holds some of the industries most sought after certifications including CISSP, GCIA, GNFA, and GCTI. As a member of Armor’s Threat Response Unit, Corey provides threat intelligence support to the SOC and other divisions as needed, enhancing their efforts by collecting and analyzing open and closed source threat intelligence feeds, reporting on priority threats, identifying IOCs in support of network monitoring and incident response, and analyzing logs to identify hidden threats.

Jan 302018

The Benefits of Being Blonde: A Journey to Information Technology

| Security Operations Center Director

Life seems easier with an optimistic attitude. I’ve never actually considered myself an optimist as my internal state of being is in a constant state of worry and panic – being in a security operations role within the information technology industry. But recent pondering has led me to the conclusion that I am an inadvertent […]

Holly Dale

Security Operations Center Director

Holly Dale’s two decades in cybersecurity has led her to become the SOC Director at Armor. Prior to Armor, Holly held positions contracted to Oncor Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration under the Department of Energy (NNSA/DOE), including Information System Security Officer (ISSO) cyber security Subject Matter Expert (SME), Senior Security Analyst, Sr. Forensic Investigator, and Sr. Incident Responder. Holly was a founding member of NNSA's Information Assurance Response Center (IARC), as well as a member of the Secret Services's Las Vegas Electronic Crimes Task Force (LV-ECTF) and the FBI-led Nevada Cyber Crimes Task Force (NCCTF), working with numerous city, county, state and federal agencies in each task force.

Jul 62017

Navigating Microsoft – Preparation Leads to Opportunity

Microsoft is a very large and complex organization that can prove difficult to navigate from a partner perspective.  While aligning a go-to-market plan with this behemoth organization can often seem daunting, it can also be very fruitful for the bottom line.  Fortunately, once a firm grasp of how to best work with the company exists, […]

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Guest Author

Guest authors comprise of Armor's strategic partners, technology partners, clients and experts in the cybersecurity industry.

Apr 242017

Staying Safe on the Homefront: How to Protect Connected Devices

While most organized criminal gangs and botnets are now targeting businesses and online servers, your home still presents a lucrative target for cyber threat actors.  Criminals continue to pursue your bank credentials and have even resorted to orchestrating socially engineered attacks to deceive victims over the phone while posing as Microsoft technical support, tricking victims […]

Feb 212017

RSA Conference 2017 Recap

Read our recap of the insights and highlights of RSA Conference 2017.

May 172016

FBI/FTC: Watch those E-Mails from your “CEO”

The scam business of tricking employees into opening company coffers by spoof e-mails apparently from their CEO is on the rise. The FBI is starting to map real loss to this new tactic.

May 102016

Data Classification: How Classifying Data Better Supports Security Efforts

Not all data is equal in the eyes of threat actors. In fact, only 30 percent of all data will have significant value to criminals. That’s why it is essential for organizations to classifying data in order to ensure the most valuable assets are given priority protection.

Mar 312016

Data Breaches Often Result in CEO Firing

What are the real-world risks of a cyber security breach to CEOs and their company? We will explore the issues of reputational damage, incident cost, stock price impact, and increased regulatory attention. We will also discuss the fate of four CEOs who have faced cybersecurity breaches in the past three years. According to Warren Buffet, […]

Oct 152015

Armor Study Raises Eyes Across Cloud, Cyber Security Industries

Fresh off the public release of Armor’s study with the Ponemon Institute — Cloud Security: Getting It Right — Armor CSO Jeff Schilling and Vice President of Security Wayne Reynolds synced with both eWeek and Dark Reading to explore some of the more telling findings of the report. As Armor reported, most organizations remain divided when […]