Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Jan 292019

Cyberthreats Against Cloud Data

In the past year and a half, there has been no shortage of news reports on security incidents involving unsecured cloud services. For example, in Fall 2017, news broke that Accenture, one of the leading global consulting and management firms, accidently left 4 AWS S3 storage buckets open to the public. This essentially gave anyone […]

Jun 142018

Biometric Authentication: Is It Effective?

| Head of Threat Resistance

In today’s world of security concerns, multifactor authentication plays a large role in proving one’s identity. The requirements of multifactor authentication include verifying what you have (such as a key, document or badge), what you know (like a name, password or secret) and who you are (such as a fingerprint or facial features). Being able to verify […]

Chris Hinkley, OSCP, CISSP

Head of Threat Resistance

As Head of Threat Resistance at Armor, Chris Hinkley utilizes a decade of security expertise to design, test and deploy next generation security processes and techniques for the cloud. His work at Armor was instrumental in Armor being one of the first cloud companies globally to achieve PCI DSS compliance. Prior to Armor, Hinkley worked as a Web Developer for TargetScope, an interactive marketing and Web development company. In that role he created everything from website animations to complex and dynamic product configurations using the latest technology and development frameworks. With Armor, Hinkley has held a number of security and technology-related roles, including security engineer, lead engineer, support manager and lead ethical hacker. In those roles he has serviced thousands of FireHost customer servers, including Windows and Linux, and overseen the security of all hosting environments to meet PCI, HIPAA and other compliance guidelines. Hinkley is a sought after speaker and author on cloud, security and open source topics, publishing regular columns in SecurityWeek and other industry magazines. Hinkley is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

May 102018

Cybersecurity Operations Center: To Build or Not to Build?

You’ve probably thought about building a cybersecurity operations center (SOC) for your business at some point, but once most companies do, they realize they can’t handle it. The annual cost and resources required to maintain DIY cybersecurity is almost always more than what companies expect, and because there’s a dearth of security experts, there aren’t […]

Apr 192018

SMBs & Security: Focusing on Budget

| Account Executive

You can ask other business executives to what they attribute their success and likely receive a myriad of responses ranging from strategic planning to operations and people. While there’s no right or wrong answer, budget allocation is one of the more critical components for a strong and successful company, especially for small and mid-sized businesses […]

Cody Sandone

Account Executive

With more than 10 years in sales roles, Cody is responsible for helping businesses and clients navigate security and compliance challenges associated with hosting sensitive data across on-prem, public or private cloud environments, as part of their decision-buying process for Armor's offerings. In addition, Cody founded and owns Sandone Enterprises LLC, an industrial recycling brokerage services firm, and previously worked for AAA Recycling and Impact Realty Group, LLC.


Mar 282018

SecurityWeek Webinar | Inside the Cyber Underworld: Armor’s Black Market Report

Jay Baron Image

Jay Baron


Mar 222018

WEBINAR | Inside the Cyber Underworld: Armor’s Black Market Report

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Jan 92018

Spectre: Mitigations for Long-Term Risk

| Head of the Threat Resistance Unit

Even as updates start to trickle out, Spectre remains poised to haunt the IT industry for some time. First made public alongside the Meltdown vulnerability, Spectre is actually a class of vulnerabilities that take advantage of the side effects of speculative execution, a method used by microprocessors to speed their performance. Using Spectre, an attacker […]

Troy Dearing

Head of the Threat Resistance Unit

Troy Dearing is the Head of the Threat Resistance Unit and oversees all cyber threat intelligence & threat hunting initiatives. He initially joined Armor’s TRU as a Senior Ethical Hacker leveraging 22 years of expertise in IT and cyber security.

Before joining Armor, Troy was a Computer Network Operator for the NSA, where he was tasked with performing Computer Network Exploitation operations. He retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years of service with distinction serving as a network intelligence subject matter expert, instrumental in the creation of a service level course on network exploitation and analysis. Early in his career he was selected for an internship at the NSA’s Red Team which established his foundation in cyber security expertise. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Maryland University College attaining his Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity. Troy is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Dec 142017

Think It, Build It, Secure It: The Spartan Story

Part of the potential of digital transformation is the ability to utilize technology to make businesses more agile and efficient, making cloud computing a natural component of that strategy. Today’s businesses want to be able to build their capabilities as fast as they can spin up a virtual machine. Think It, Build It, Secure It […]


Dec 122017

Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS)

Kim Ross Image

Kim Ross

Dec 72017

The Power of Community: Threat Intelligence at the Speed of Cloud

There is increasing awareness that threat intelligence is a vital part of security. But having knowledge and leveraging it to protect your environment effectively is not the same thing.  If only it were as simple as buying a list of IP addresses and domain names to blacklist. Threat intelligence is not just information, it is […]