supply chain attacks

supply chain attacks

Dec 52018

Supply Chain Attacks

| Senior Threat Intel Analyst

Trusting third-parties in order to quickly add infrastructure and/or expertise to your business has become a common and, in many cases, essential business practice. These trust relationships are usually built upon agreements that both parties will do their part in a responsible manner. While that may be the case, businesses in different verticals often have […]

Corey Milligan

Senior Threat Intel Analyst

Corey has more than 18 years of IT experience. Before coming to Armor, he worked his way up the Army ranks, retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer and one of the Army’s first Cyber Operations Technicians. He holds some of the industries most sought after certifications including CISSP, GCIA, GNFA, and GCTI. As a member of Armor’s Threat Response Unit, Corey provides threat intelligence support to the SOC and other divisions as needed, enhancing their efforts by collecting and analyzing open and closed source threat intelligence feeds, reporting on priority threats, identifying IOCs in support of network monitoring and incident response, and analyzing logs to identify hidden threats.