Oct 252017

Ransomware Alert: Bad Rabbit

The latest news and prevention techniques for Bad Rabbit. Armor’s security experts are monitoring this malware as it spreads globally to ensure you can protect you and your customers’ sensitive data.

Oct 192017

Preview: October Armor Threat Intelligence Briefing

Learn about ransomware’s continued rise and how you can protect yourself in a preview of the latest Armor Threat Intelligence Briefing.


Oct 92017

ISSA International Conference

Kim Ross Image

Kim Ross

Sep 122017

Protecting Critical Infrastructure: Pulling the Plug on Watering Holes

Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure pose one of the most significant threats to national security in modern history. The specter continues to loom large with the reemergence of activity from the prolific hacking group known as Dragonfly. Bursting onto the scene as early as 2011, the group has recently resurfaced with a swath of attacks across […]

Guest Author Image

Guest Author

Guest authors comprise of Armor's strategic partners, technology partners, clients and experts in the cybersecurity industry.

Sep 12017

The Ransomware Threat: A Menacing Evolution

The plague of ransomware is continuing to be one of the most detrimental cyber crimes against organizations and promises to be for quite some time.  Beginning on a small-scale in the consumer realm, it is one of the most significant threats that organizations across industries face. We experienced two high-profile global attacks that presented as […]

Aug 242017

Women in Technology: A Natural Fit

| Security Operations Center Director

In light of the recent repugnant comments from an engineer of the world’s preeminent search engine provider, it seems appropriate to use this vitriol as an opportunity to set the record straight.  The engineer’s diatribe not only revealed a deep-seeded personal resentment of women but brought attention to an overall misconception of the pervasiveness of […]

Holly Dale

Security Operations Center Director

Holly Dale’s two decades in cybersecurity has led her to become the SOC Director at Armor. Prior to Armor, Holly held positions contracted to Oncor Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration under the Department of Energy (NNSA/DOE), including Information System Security Officer (ISSO) cyber security Subject Matter Expert (SME), Senior Security Analyst, Sr. Forensic Investigator, and Sr. Incident Responder. Holly was a founding member of NNSA's Information Assurance Response Center (IARC), as well as a member of the Secret Services's Las Vegas Electronic Crimes Task Force (LV-ECTF) and the FBI-led Nevada Cyber Crimes Task Force (NCCTF), working with numerous city, county, state and federal agencies in each task force.

Aug 142017

Securing Your Cloud: The Impact of POPIA

Co-authors: Andrew Kirkland – CyberTAN CEO, Kurt Hagerman – Armor CISO   The race is on. Adopting cloud is fast becoming a critical consideration for increasing competitiveness and profitability. “Ignore it at your peril”, some will say. There may be a lot of truth in keeping up with the fast-paced technological advancements, but there is one question […]

Aug 92017

Using a ‘defense in depth’ strategy to thwart ransomware attacks

Several recent ransomware and malware attacks have highlighted the unintended consequences that have resulted from information dumps published by the illusive group known as The Shadow Brokers. Multiple other actors have since taken the capabilities that were leaked and successfully used them to penetrate systems and compromise data. Among their recent high-profile events were the […]

Guest Author Image

Guest Author

Guest authors comprise of Armor's strategic partners, technology partners, clients and experts in the cybersecurity industry.

Aug 32017

New Perils of Public Cloud Compliance: Vendor Management Best Practices

| Chief Information Security Officer

“Know thyself.” It’s a mindset more cloud-ready organizations should adopt before they even consider bringing in a cloud vendor. However, far too many are still content to look before they leap, sometimes to disastrous results. Learn why self-discovery before vendor implementation can keep you more compliant, efficient and, more importantly, safe in the cloud.

Kurt Hagerman

Chief Information Security Officer

Kurt Hagerman has over twenty-five years in the field of information technology, including over 6 years as Chief Information Security Officer at Armor. He is responsible for the governance, risk and compliance side of the security mission for customer facing products. He regularly consults with Armor prospects and customers on PCI, HIPAA and financial services regulations and helps them understand how these regulations impact their business and how Armor can help them meet their regulatory responsibilities. Kurt regularly speaks and writes on information security topics in the payments and health care spaces as well as on cloud security. He holds CISA and CISSP certifications and is an active participant with local chapters of ISACA, CSA and ISSA.

Prior to joining Armor, he was a Managing Director and national PCI Practice Director for Coalfire Systems, Inc., a leading IT Security GRC company. Kurt has conducted hundreds of security reviews and audits across a number of industries including the payment space, healthcare, financial services and higher education. During his twenty-five plus years in the field of information technology, he has held a wide number of positions encompassing many IT and security disciplines including: network engineering; systems engineering; security engineering; and IT/Security auditing and compliance.

Jul 112017

Time’s Up: The President’s Cyber Security Executive Order is Being Enforced. What’s Next?

| Head of Security

Today marks 60 days after President Trump issued an executive order that called for government agencies to have conducted security reviews with accompanying recommendations as to what steps will be taken to secure the country’s critical infrastructure, networks and data. It seems clear that the President has good intentions with this aggressive stance. As a […]

Wayne Reynolds

Head of Security

Head of Security, Wayne Reynolds, manages the cyber and physical security operations at Armor. This unique, dual responsibility extends beyond the typical approach many cloud providers take in securing their own operations while leaving customers to fend for themselves. Key to establishing the strategic and operational vision at Armor, Wayne oversees the execution of Security Incident Management, Security Infrastructure, Vulnerability Threat Management, Threat Intelligence, Corporate Security, and Physical Security within both Armor’s corporate and customer environments. He leads Armor's Friendly Network Forces, a one-of-a-kind internal penetration testing organization designed to validate the company’s own security measures and evaluate risk from new or unforeseen threats. Prior to Armor, Wayne served in the U.S. Marine Corps for nearly 20 years where he led the Tactical Information Technology and Avionics Departments. In his civilian career, he has led organizations for a wide range of businesses including Conde Nast Publication, Copart Auto Auctions, Aerojet-Rocketdyne, Citi Group, and GameStop.