network security

network security


Oct 232018

Southern California Cybersecurity Summit

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Rachel Chism


Jul 252018

Roundtable with Optiv

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Rachel Chism


May 12018

Google Cloud Platform DFW Meetup

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Rachel Chism

Jan 92018

Spectre: Mitigations for Long-Term Risk

| Head of the Threat Resistance Unit

Even as updates start to trickle out, Spectre remains poised to haunt the IT industry for some time. First made public alongside the Meltdown vulnerability, Spectre is actually a class of vulnerabilities that take advantage of the side effects of speculative execution, a method used by microprocessors to speed their performance. Using Spectre, an attacker […]

Troy Dearing

Head of the Threat Resistance Unit

Troy Dearing is the Head of the Threat Resistance Unit and oversees all cyber threat intelligence & threat hunting initiatives. He initially joined Armor’s TRU as a Senior Ethical Hacker leveraging 22 years of expertise in IT and cyber security.

Before joining Armor, Troy was a Computer Network Operator for the NSA, where he was tasked with performing Computer Network Exploitation operations. He retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years of service with distinction serving as a network intelligence subject matter expert, instrumental in the creation of a service level course on network exploitation and analysis. Early in his career he was selected for an internship at the NSA’s Red Team which established his foundation in cyber security expertise. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Maryland University College attaining his Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity. Troy is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Nov 162017

Hacking Hospitality: State of the Industry & How to Brace for Breaches

Armor addresses cyber security in the hospitality industry, security best practices, and what to do in the event of a data breach.

May 222017

Getting Out of the Weeds with Managed Cloud Security

While getting your hands dirty is admirable, it’s not always the best way to handle the security of your cloud data workloads and applications. Learn how landscaping and managed cloud security have more in common that you might think.

May 52017

Understanding Totally Secure #2: Managed and Proactive

Jeff Schilling, Armor CISO, explores the importance of managed cloud security and proactive threat management in part two of our Understanding Totally Secure blog series.

Jan 262017

Where’s Your Security Spend Focused?

Finding the balance between spend on talent v.s. cloud security tools Not long ago, it was common for executives to write blank checks to their IT departments for them to go buy whatever security tools they needed to secure their data – with almost everything getting approved. Those sloppy approvals meant ineffective—and sometimes unnecessary—tools were […]

Jun 202014

Strap Your Bike Helmet On

They’re a common sight on our neighborhood streets: bicyclists in colorful wear, heads protected by reinforced helmets. It’s the smart way to ride, since bicycle lanes can’t always safeguard riders from distracted drivers. Yet just the other day I saw a bicyclist who was wearing a bike helmet but did not bother to buckle it […]