Jan 162018

Diving into DevSecOps: Measuring Effectiveness & Success

Whether your organization is big or small, you need the right metrics to determine the effectiveness of your security, performance and overall operation. This is no less true when it comes to measuring the success of your DevSecOps approach than it is anything else. Getting developers to think like InfoSec professionals and vice versa is […]

Jan 112018

Diving into DevSecOps: Predictions for 2018

Of IT disciplines, cyber security is the only one that should never dance alone. It touches everything, from networking to application development. Yet traditionally, security has often been the last one invited to the party.  In the DevOps community, that is now starting to change. A new awareness of the threat landscape is dawning, and 2018 […]

Jan 32018

Diving into DevSecOps: The Need for Better Cybersecurity Collaboration

DevOps, and its close cousin, DevSecOps, are transforming how quickly businesses can deploy applications. Embracing this change, with all its cultural implications, is a must for security to keep pace with the rest of IT. As we step into the new year, we will be launching a blog series to dive deeper into the DevOps […]


Nov 152017

Optiv Cloud Security Roadshow – Los Angeles

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Jul 132016

Updates from Microsoft WPC – Progress in Security but More is Needed

Tuesday’s keynote from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference discussed the cost of cyberthreats and the pressing need for more security features to keep sensitive data safe. To successfully thwart today’s sophisticated attacks, there must be an orchestrated strategy to go beyond addressing security from issue to issue and attack to attack. Fixing application holes on a per case basis isn’t sustainable or practical.