DDos attack

DDos attack

Jun 282018

Mid-Year Cybersecurity Threat Update

| Senior Threat Intel Analyst

The cybersecurity underground is not stagnant. Attackers are continuously innovating to find new ways to make money and exploit any weaknesses available.   When we released the Black Market Report in March, the Armor Threat Resistance Unit (TRU) research team  revealed the varying costs of personal data in the underground, as well as the thriving market for cybercrime-as-a-service. Throughout the first half of 2018  though, other trends have emerged. Most notably, the increasing interest […]

Corey Milligan

Senior Threat Intel Analyst

Corey has more than 18 years of IT experience. Before coming to Armor, he worked his way up the Army ranks, retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer and one of the Army’s first Cyber Operations Technicians. He holds some of the industries most sought after certifications including CISSP, GCIA, GNFA, and GCTI. As a member of Armor’s Threat Response Unit, Corey provides threat intelligence support to the SOC and other divisions as needed, enhancing their efforts by collecting and analyzing open and closed source threat intelligence feeds, reporting on priority threats, identifying IOCs in support of network monitoring and incident response, and analyzing logs to identify hidden threats.

May 102018

Cybersecurity Operations Center: To Build or Not to Build?

You’ve probably thought about building a cybersecurity operations center (SOC) for your business at some point, but once most companies do, they realize they can’t handle it. The annual cost and resources required to maintain DIY cybersecurity is almost always more than what companies expect, and because there’s a dearth of security experts, there aren’t […]

Jul 142017

Verizon Data Exposure – A Lesson in Cloud Security Hygiene

According to reports, Verizon potentially exposed up to 14 million customers’ personal information in a public-facing Amazon S3 (storage) bucket which was managed by one of their third-party vendors. While fallout from this incident doesn’t seem to be broad at this point, it demonstrates the potential for the mass compromise of corporate and consumer data if proper diligence […]

May 112017

The Evolution of Mirai – What the Future Could Hold

When Mirai was unleashed a little over six months ago targeting security journalist Brian Krebs’ site with an unprecedented denial of service attack (DDoS) attack that reached 620 Gbps, everyone asked, “What will happen next?” We at Armor stated there would be an initial lull in the record-breaking DDoS activity that would coincide with an […]

Dec 202016

Case Study: Armored Info

Despite what the news cycle might lead you to believe, PHI, credit card data and health records are not the only targets for threat actors. One of the most rapidly growing areas of cyber crime is the theft of intellectual property (IP). Deloitte conducted a poll in which 58% of respondents said they believe IP […]