cybersecurity measurement

cybersecurity measurement


Oct 302018

VMUG UserCon Atlanta

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Mar 122018

Why I Joined Armor: Rafal Los

| Vice President of Security

The security industry, much like others I imagine, is cyclical with the occasional disruptions. The pace of technological change continues to accelerate as it impacts our lives more and more every day. Every once in a while, something happens that fundamentally changes the way we operate. Mobile phones and wireless networking are just two examples […]

Rafal Los

Vice President of Security

Rafal Los serves as the Vice President of Security at Armor. He's responsible for leading the various technical functions associated with designing, developing and delivering next-generation cloud security-as-a-service solutions to our clients. Rafal is also the Founder & Producer of the Down the Security Rabbithole Podcast. He previously worked as the Managing Director, Solution & Program Insight at Optiv Inc.; Principal, Strategy Security Services at HP Enterprise Security Services; and Senior Security Strategist at HP Software. As an IT security professional, Rafal gained experience in some of the world's most challenging business environments. His responsibilities included budgets, risk analysis, process creating and adoption, internal audit and compliance strategies. His professional experience has taken him from budding ".com" companies, to a security boutique shop, to one of the world's largest and most complex enterprises - always meeting challenges head-on and with a positive attitude. He has been the catalyst for change in many organizations, building bridges across enterprises and developing permanent successful strategies for growth and prosperity.

Jan 162018

Diving into DevSecOps: Measuring Effectiveness & Success

Whether your organization is big or small, you need the right metrics to determine the effectiveness of your security, performance and overall operation. This is no less true when it comes to measuring the success of your DevSecOps approach than it is anything else. Getting developers to think like InfoSec professionals and vice versa is […]


Aug 142017


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Apr 202017

Is Your Cloud Totally Secure?

What does it take to be secure in the cloud? Learn the six most important elements of Totally Secure you should demand from your cloud security provider.

Sep 62016

3 Major Cybersecurity Market Mistakes

I’ve had the distinct privilege of meeting with more than 100+ value-added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs), systems integrators, (SIs) and, independent software vendors (ISVs) during the last six months from four different countries. While this represents a diverse group of partners, the topics we discussed were quite consistent: How do I assure my […]