cybersecurity education

cybersecurity education

Nov 172015

Managing Multi-Cloud Environments

Yes, 2016 is the year of the multi-cloud strategy. Whether blended, hybrid, shaken or stirred, multi-could technology will power many of our popular brands, services, applications and platform. But as CIO contributor Stephanie Overby points out, defining this strategy differs based on the respective company, business objectives, size of data workloads and any security or […]

Oct 162015

Armor CEO to Forbes: Hacking Made Personal

Their motives, exploits and targets may be of the modern age, but we’ve seen their criminal concepts many times before. That’s the belief of Forbes contributor Tony Bradley, who published an insightful piece, “Cybercrime Is The Modern-Day Mafia”, on the similarities between traditional organized crime practices and the activities of today’s cyber criminals and malicious […]

Oct 132015

National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Connected Communities & Families

Can you believe we’re already into Week 3 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month? Per our amazing friends at the National Cyber Security Alliance, the week’s topic focuses on protecting connected communities and families online. “Wherever we are and however we access the digital world, every step we take to be safer will make ourselves, […]