cybersecurity education

cybersecurity education

Dec 122017

S.O.S. – Advice for Combating Shiny Object Syndrome, Part 2

| Chief Information Security Officer

In the first part of this blog series, we discussed what Shiny Object Syndrome is, how it comes to be and what effect it can have on your organization’s information security program. This blog provides more detail about how organizations can combat S.O.S. at the foundational security practice level by focusing on: network segmentation, access […]

Kurt Hagerman

Chief Information Security Officer

Kurt Hagerman has over twenty-five years in the field of information technology, including over 6 years as Chief Information Security Officer at Armor. He is responsible for the governance, risk and compliance side of the security mission for customer facing products. He regularly consults with Armor prospects and customers on PCI, HIPAA and financial services regulations and helps them understand how these regulations impact their business and how Armor can help them meet their regulatory responsibilities. Kurt regularly speaks and writes on information security topics in the payments and health care spaces as well as on cloud security. He holds CISA and CISSP certifications and is an active participant with local chapters of ISACA, CSA and ISSA.

Prior to joining Armor, he was a Managing Director and national PCI Practice Director for Coalfire Systems, Inc., a leading IT Security GRC company. Kurt has conducted hundreds of security reviews and audits across a number of industries including the payment space, healthcare, financial services and higher education. During his twenty-five plus years in the field of information technology, he has held a wide number of positions encompassing many IT and security disciplines including: network engineering; systems engineering; security engineering; and IT/Security auditing and compliance.


Aug 142017

AWS Summit | New York

Kim Ross Image

Kim Ross

Jul 62017

Navigating Microsoft – Preparation Leads to Opportunity

Microsoft is a very large and complex organization that can prove difficult to navigate from a partner perspective.  While aligning a go-to-market plan with this behemoth organization can often seem daunting, it can also be very fruitful for the bottom line.  Fortunately, once a firm grasp of how to best work with the company exists, […]

Guest Author Image

Guest Author

Guest authors comprise of Armor's strategic partners, technology partners, clients and experts in the cybersecurity industry.

May 112017

Understanding Totally Secure #3: Best-of-Breed Cloud Technologies and Integrated & Automated Solutions

Learn how Armor relies on best-of-breed cloud technologies and integrated & automated solutions to drive cloud security outcomes. Ozan Talu, VP of Product Management, Armor, explores these key aspects of what it means to be Totally Secure.

Apr 202017

Is Your Cloud Totally Secure?

What does it take to be secure in the cloud? Learn the six most important elements of Totally Secure you should demand from your cloud security provider.

May 172016

FBI/FTC: Watch those E-Mails from your “CEO”

The scam business of tricking employees into opening company coffers by spoof e-mails apparently from their CEO is on the rise. The FBI is starting to map real loss to this new tactic.

May 102016

Data Classification: How Classifying Data Better Supports Security Efforts

Not all data is equal in the eyes of threat actors. In fact, only 30 percent of all data will have significant value to criminals. That’s why it is essential for organizations to classifying data in order to ensure the most valuable assets are given priority protection.

Mar 312016

Data Breaches Often Result in CEO Firing

What are the real-world risks of a cyber security breach to CEOs and their company? We will explore the issues of reputational damage, incident cost, stock price impact, and increased regulatory attention. We will also discuss the fate of four CEOs who have faced cybersecurity breaches in the past three years. According to Warren Buffet, […]

Jan 82016

Armor CEO: State of the Union Should Highlight Cyber Security Education

Will President Barack Obama’s 2016 State of the Union Address on Tuesday avoid topics on cyber security? According to the Federal Times, a preview of the speech indicates that remarks on cyber security aren’t included — at least at this time. If or when cyber security is addressed, Armor founder and CEO Chris Drake wants to […]

Dec 102015

We’re Moving Fast. And We’re Moving with Purpose.

| Founder & CEO

What a remarkable year. We started 2015 as a focused, innovative secure cloud company. We end the year with those same traits, only now as the leader in active cyber defense under the new, inspiring Armor brand. I can tell you personally that Armor’s commitment to protect our customers knows no bounds. We are grateful for […]

Chris Drake

Founder & CEO

As the founder and CEO of Armor, Chris Drake oversees the growth, direction, and innovation of the company’s secure cloud services. He fights the status quo every day and ensures that the “smart creatives” at Armor are protected for the benefit of its customers. He understands and accepts the awesome responsibility customers have placed in Armor to protect their most sensitive data. Drake began his career by serving as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army’s storied 82nd Airborne Division. While at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Drake built some of the U.S. Army’s first private secure websites. After leaving the military, he established TargetScope, an interactive marketing and web development company that oversaw hundreds of websites and applications containing critical data. After hearing of clients getting hacked at other hosting providers, Drake saw a clear need in the market for a truly secure cloud and established FireHost (now Armor). In the first few years, Drake led Armor to 100 percent growth three years in a row, establishing the company as the industry’s leading secure managed cloud provider. He served as the company’s CTO in 2014 to help drive its continued innovation and returned to the CEO post in March 2015. Along the way, Drake became a sought-after speaker and writer on topics surrounding the cloud, security, and compliance. He’s often quoted in major industry news sites and speaks at leading industry events. In 2013, he won the Tech Titans Emerging CEO award, which is given to the top chief executive of a successfully emerging business. Drake was acknowledged as one of the top “40 under 40” business leaders by the Dallas Business Journal and received the University of North Texas Distinguished Young Alumni Award. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of North Texas.