compliance audits

compliance audits


Mar 272018

Medecision Liberation 2018

Kim Ross Image

Kim Ross

Feb 222018

The Forgotten Cybersecurity Threat: Insider Misuse

| Head of the Threat Resistance Unit

An old proverb states, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” We’re willing to bet this proverb wasn’t referring to cybersecurity when it originally came to be. When you think about it, though, it’s highly applicable to one of the biggest threats facing businesses today: insider misuse. Over-trusting and unaware employees act with […]

Troy Dearing

Head of the Threat Resistance Unit

Troy Dearing is the Head of the Threat Resistance Unit and oversees all cyber threat intelligence & threat hunting initiatives. He initially joined Armor’s TRU as a Senior Ethical Hacker leveraging 22 years of expertise in IT and cyber security.

Before joining Armor, Troy was a Computer Network Operator for the NSA, where he was tasked with performing Computer Network Exploitation operations. He retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years of service with distinction serving as a network intelligence subject matter expert, instrumental in the creation of a service level course on network exploitation and analysis. Early in his career he was selected for an internship at the NSA’s Red Team which established his foundation in cyber security expertise. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Maryland University College attaining his Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity. Troy is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Jul 112017

Time’s Up: The President’s Cyber Security Executive Order is Being Enforced. What’s Next?

| Head of Security

Today marks 60 days after President Trump issued an executive order that called for government agencies to have conducted security reviews with accompanying recommendations as to what steps will be taken to secure the country’s critical infrastructure, networks and data. It seems clear that the President has good intentions with this aggressive stance. As a […]

Wayne Reynolds

Head of Security

Head of Security, Wayne Reynolds, manages the cyber and physical security operations at Armor. This unique, dual responsibility extends beyond the typical approach many cloud providers take in securing their own operations while leaving customers to fend for themselves. Key to establishing the strategic and operational vision at Armor, Wayne oversees the execution of Security Incident Management, Security Infrastructure, Vulnerability Threat Management, Threat Intelligence, Corporate Security, and Physical Security within both Armor’s corporate and customer environments. He leads Armor's Friendly Network Forces, a one-of-a-kind internal penetration testing organization designed to validate the company’s own security measures and evaluate risk from new or unforeseen threats. Prior to Armor, Wayne served in the U.S. Marine Corps for nearly 20 years where he led the Tactical Information Technology and Avionics Departments. In his civilian career, he has led organizations for a wide range of businesses including Conde Nast Publication, Copart Auto Auctions, Aerojet-Rocketdyne, Citi Group, and GameStop.

May 112017

Understanding Totally Secure #3: Best-of-Breed Cloud Technologies and Integrated & Automated Solutions

Learn how Armor relies on best-of-breed cloud technologies and integrated & automated solutions to drive cloud security outcomes. Ozan Talu, VP of Product Management, Armor, explores these key aspects of what it means to be Totally Secure.

Jun 72016

Armor’s New Global Partner Program: Strengthening Focus. Expanding Opportunity.

To help provide our solutions to those who need them most, we work with an extensive network of talented channel partners to lead the charge. Armor provides peace of mind to their customers with the confidence that sensitive data is protected by one of the most trusted names in cybersecurity. As we’ve continued to grow, we have strived to simplify this process and offer solutions that help them close deals faster, with greater margins. To that end, we are evolving and strengthening our partner support with an all new Global Partner Program.

Feb 82016

CRN: Armor Top ‘20 Coolest Cloud Infrastructure Vendors of 2016’

As CRN recaps, “2015 was a transformative year for cloud providers, one in which the industry matured and the provider landscape settled.” Some vendors grew. Hopeful startups collapsed. Others simply absorbed. As market positions were gobbled up, a handful of the elite remain — now standing taller and stronger than ever. One such provider is […]

Nov 192015

Threat Intelligence: Why You Can Always Do More

When implemented and managed properly, threat intelligence is one of the cornerstones of a sound cyber security strategy. The trouble? So many organizations are unable to integrate it correctly. Dark Reading contributor Ericka Chickowski offered an insightful piece on just this realization. Her story, “5 Reasons Enterprises Don’t Get Enough Value From Threat Intelligence,” outlined […]

Oct 202015

Armor CSO Joins CSO Online to Discuss Security Legislation

To gain the insight from industry leaders and innovators, CSO Online publishes an engaging series of Q&As called Hacked Opinions. In their latest story, “The Legalities of Hacking,” senior staff writer Steve Ragan connected with Armor CSO Jeff Schilling to gain his insight on hacking regulation and legislation. The candid discussion examines security research, legislation and […]

Jul 62014

What’s Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

| Head of Threat Resistance

If there’s one possibility that makes organizations nervous, it’s the idea of downtime. From lost sales to angry customers to an embarrassing ding in your reputation, an outage can be costly in more ways than one. No one wants to be known as unreliable. And no IT team wants to be blamed for lost revenue. […]

Chris Hinkley, OSCP, CISSP

Head of Threat Resistance

As Head of Threat Resistance at Armor, Chris Hinkley utilizes a decade of security expertise to design, test and deploy next generation security processes and techniques for the cloud. His work at Armor was instrumental in Armor being one of the first cloud companies globally to achieve PCI DSS compliance. Prior to Armor, Hinkley worked as a Web Developer for TargetScope, an interactive marketing and Web development company. In that role he created everything from website animations to complex and dynamic product configurations using the latest technology and development frameworks. With Armor, Hinkley has held a number of security and technology-related roles, including security engineer, lead engineer, support manager and lead ethical hacker. In those roles he has serviced thousands of FireHost customer servers, including Windows and Linux, and overseen the security of all hosting environments to meet PCI, HIPAA and other compliance guidelines. Hinkley is a sought after speaker and author on cloud, security and open source topics, publishing regular columns in SecurityWeek and other industry magazines. Hinkley is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Jun 202014

Strap Your Bike Helmet On

They’re a common sight on our neighborhood streets: bicyclists in colorful wear, heads protected by reinforced helmets. It’s the smart way to ride, since bicycle lanes can’t always safeguard riders from distracted drivers. Yet just the other day I saw a bicyclist who was wearing a bike helmet but did not bother to buckle it […]