cloud infrastructure

cloud infrastructure

May 142019

Moving Sucks: 5 Tips for Painless Cloud Migration

| VP of Product

Thinking about moving to the cloud? You’re not alone. By 2022, according to Gartner, the cloud will reach the dominance phase of the digital disruption scale—that is, adoption by most enterprises. The cloud will affect not only technology but whole industries, business, and society itself. That transformation has already started. RightScale’s State of the Cloud […]

Ryan Smith

VP of Product

With 10 years of experience, Ryan Smith serves as VP of Product at Armor; he is passionate about telling stories about how companies are achieving security and compliance in the cloud. Ryan regularly speaks nationwide at conferences, user groups, and special events on the topics of cloud security, compliance – PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR, and developing secure cloud architectures. Previously, he served as Director of Product Marketing and Sr. Product Manager focused on bringing Armor Anywhere (a managed, scalable security solution that protect virtual machine instances hosted on public, private, hybrid or on-premise cloud environments) and its future iterations to market; he also has been an integral part of developing Armor’s compliance matrix mappings and the industry defining cloud adoption framework for HIPAA compliance. At prior companies, he served as the Founder, Head of Product or Marketing Manager for various SaaS businesses. Ryan holds a PhD in Mass Media and Communication Studies from European Graduate School.


Feb 202019

Webinar | Architecting a HIPAA Compliant Cloud

Rachel Chism Image

Rachel Chism


Oct 182018

NTXISSA October Lunch & Learn

Rachel Chism Image

Rachel Chism

Apr 172018

Enough with the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

| Head of Security

Everyone, including us, continues to harp about the cybersecurity talent gap. But while we recognize the problem, no one ever offers advice or recommendations on how key organizations, such as educational institutions, security groups and private companies, can help mend it and begin producing educated, experienced workers in troves. The cybersecurity talent gap in numbers […]

Wayne Reynolds

Head of Security

Head of Security, Wayne Reynolds, manages the cyber and physical security operations at Armor. This unique, dual responsibility extends beyond the typical approach many cloud providers take in securing their own operations while leaving customers to fend for themselves. Key to establishing the strategic and operational vision at Armor, Wayne oversees the execution of Security Incident Management, Security Infrastructure, Vulnerability Threat Management, Threat Intelligence, Corporate Security, and Physical Security within both Armor’s corporate and customer environments. He leads Armor's Friendly Network Forces, a one-of-a-kind internal penetration testing organization designed to validate the company’s own security measures and evaluate risk from new or unforeseen threats. Prior to Armor, Wayne served in the U.S. Marine Corps for nearly 20 years where he led the Tactical Information Technology and Avionics Departments. In his civilian career, he has led organizations for a wide range of businesses including Conde Nast Publication, Copart Auto Auctions, Aerojet-Rocketdyne, Citi Group, and GameStop.

Feb 202018

Don’t Think IaaS. Think Cloud.

| Account Executive

New and seasoned business owners of technology companies are often consumed with building the best and brightest cloud applications. So much so that the process and go-to-market (GTM) strategy can be rushed, resulting in applications being built with the more familiar Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering vs. exploring all the cloud-native services (PaaS) that are available in […]

Cody Sandone

Account Executive

With more than 10 years in sales roles, Cody is responsible for helping businesses and clients navigate security and compliance challenges associated with hosting sensitive data across on-prem, public or private cloud environments, as part of their decision-buying process for Armor's offerings. In addition, Cody founded and owns Sandone Enterprises LLC, an industrial recycling brokerage services firm, and previously worked for AAA Recycling and Impact Realty Group, LLC.

Oct 312017

Who’s Haunting Your Network?

Disappearing files, phantom administrators, suspicious logs. Unless you’re the suspicious type, you might have written these off as non-critical issues without any nefarious source. But what if there’s a maliciousness behind this madness? What if there are ghosts in your business machines?

Guest Author Image

Guest Author

Guest authors comprise of Armor's strategic partners, technology partners, clients and experts in the cybersecurity industry.

Jun 282017

Petya: Using Blast Radius to Deduce Attribution

As the global ransomware attack coined Petya continues to proliferate globally, identifying the culprits is an important piece of the puzzle. At this point, it’s prudent to attempt to rule out who it doesn’t appear to be through process of elimination. While there was clear forensic evidence connecting the code used by the WannaCry actors […]

Feb 102017


Cloud oversubscription: a cloud provider metric that simplifies your purchasing decision Last weekend I was faced with the painful prospect of shopping for a mattress. It should be easy, right? I need a firm king mattress. That’s it; no other requirements. So, with a latte in my hand, I opened my laptop. Two hours later, […]

Jan 262017

Where’s Your Security Spend Focused?

Finding the balance between spend on talent v.s. cloud security tools Not long ago, it was common for executives to write blank checks to their IT departments for them to go buy whatever security tools they needed to secure their data – with almost everything getting approved. Those sloppy approvals meant ineffective—and sometimes unnecessary—tools were […]

Aug 52016


The most important part of communication begins with understanding your audience, and the reality is that business owners and security experts approach their responsibilities from very different places. Business owners tend to see people like us as “propeller heads,” while we’re apt to envision them as making cave paintings in their free time.