cloud architecture

cloud architecture

Oct 312017

Who’s Haunting Your Network?

| Senior Ethical Hacker

Disappearing files, phantom administrators, suspicious logs. Unless you’re the suspicious type, you might have written these off as non-critical issues without any nefarious source. But what if there’s a maliciousness behind this madness? What if there are ghosts in your business machines?

Geoffrey Pamerleau

Senior Ethical Hacker

Geoffrey Pamerleau joined Armor as a senior ethical hacker bringing 10 years of expertise in IT and cyber security to the Threat Resistance Unit (TRU). Before joining Armor, Geoff was a Computer Network Operator for the NSA, where he was tasked with performing computer network exploitation operations. He served in the United States Air Force with distinction as a Cyberspace Operations Officer. Prior to his commission, Geoff received a Bachelor’s in Computer Science with a focus on Cyberwarfare from the United States Air Force Academy. While there, Geoff was a member of the Academy’s Cyber Warfare Club and competed in National and International information security competitions. Geoff has certifications in incident handling and penetration testing from SANS and Offensive Security. (GCIH, GPEN, and OSCP).

Aug 172017

The Five Points of Cloud-Native Architecture

Inspired by French architect, Le Corbusier, Flavio Andrade, Armor VP of Product Marketing, explores how to develop a cloud-native architecture in the cloud.

Nov 112015

Veterans Finding Success in Cyber Security

For military veterans, the transition from active duty to civilian life isn’t always straightforward. After years away from home, the private sector job network isn’t primed. Acquired skills don’t always translate to real-world positions. Despite dedicating their lives defending their country, veterans often face challenges merging back into the workforce. Armor understands this reality. We’re […]