Oct 22018

Team Huddle: Beware of BYOD

| Security Operations Center Director

Thanks to technology advancements that allow us to access the Internet at a moment’s notice, today’s typical employee is more remote and on-the-go than ever before, continually accessing email, company systems, and documents from cell phones, laptops, and tablets.   Doing business without mobile devices simply isn’t an option anymore, and the abundance of personal devices makes it convenient to quickly answer emails, jump on a conference call, or knock out a few items […]

Holly Dale

Security Operations Center Director

Holly Dale’s two decades in cybersecurity has led her to become the SOC Director at Armor. Prior to Armor, Holly held positions contracted to Oncor Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration under the Department of Energy (NNSA/DOE), including Information System Security Officer (ISSO) cyber security Subject Matter Expert (SME), Senior Security Analyst, Sr. Forensic Investigator, and Sr. Incident Responder. Holly was a founding member of NNSA's Information Assurance Response Center (IARC), as well as a member of the Secret Services's Las Vegas Electronic Crimes Task Force (LV-ECTF) and the FBI-led Nevada Cyber Crimes Task Force (NCCTF), working with numerous city, county, state and federal agencies in each task force.

Aug 282018

From Cash to Apple Pay: The Rise of the Mobile Wallet

| Solutions Consultant

Drawn by the prospect of gaining speed, convenience, and efficiency, businesses and individuals have been steadily moving their assets into digital environments. For many, that environment has been their smart phones. While smart phones have become an invaluable source of convenience, it’s also becoming a common cause of data loss. This blog explores the evolution […]

Alex Humphrey

Solutions Consultant

Alex Humphrey serves as a Solutions Consultant at Armor. He is responsible for working with customers globally to build world-class server security and compliance for cloud, on-premise, and hybrid ecosystems. He previously worked as the Information Security Engineer Team Lead for Mary Kay where he was responsible for all aspects of server and endpoint security in both on-premise and cloud environments. He graduated Cum Laude from The University of Texas at Dallas attaining his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
and Management.