breach response

breach response

May 102018

Cybersecurity Operations Center: To Build or Not to Build?

You’ve probably thought about building a cybersecurity operations center (SOC) for your business at some point, but once most companies do, they realize they can’t handle it. The annual cost and resources required to maintain DIY cybersecurity is almost always more than what companies expect, and because there’s a dearth of security experts, there aren’t […]

Apr 262018

The FinTech Revolution: A Look at Compliance

| Chief Information Security Officer

The rapid evolution of financial technology (fintech) in recent years has positively disrupted the financial services industry in terms of how banks and other institutions, such as insurance and accounting companies, as well as stock brokerages, offer services and customer experience. As nearly all customer data is being transferred from file cabinets to digital vaults, […]

Kurt Hagerman

Chief Information Security Officer

Kurt Hagerman has over twenty-five years in the field of information technology, including over 6 years as Chief Information Security Officer at Armor. He is responsible for the governance, risk and compliance side of the security mission for customer facing products. He regularly consults with Armor prospects and customers on PCI, HIPAA and financial services regulations and helps them understand how these regulations impact their business and how Armor can help them meet their regulatory responsibilities. Kurt regularly speaks and writes on information security topics in the payments and health care spaces as well as on cloud security. He holds CISA and CISSP certifications and is an active participant with local chapters of ISACA, CSA and ISSA.

Prior to joining Armor, he was a Managing Director and national PCI Practice Director for Coalfire Systems, Inc., a leading IT Security GRC company. Kurt has conducted hundreds of security reviews and audits across a number of industries including the payment space, healthcare, financial services and higher education. During his twenty-five plus years in the field of information technology, he has held a wide number of positions encompassing many IT and security disciplines including: network engineering; systems engineering; security engineering; and IT/Security auditing and compliance.

Apr 192018

SMBs & Security: Focusing on Budget

| Account Executive

You can ask other business executives to what they attribute their success and likely receive a myriad of responses ranging from strategic planning to operations and people. While there’s no right or wrong answer, budget allocation is one of the more critical components for a strong and successful company, especially for small and mid-sized businesses […]

Cody Sandone

Account Executive

With more than 10 years in sales roles, Cody is responsible for helping businesses and clients navigate security and compliance challenges associated with hosting sensitive data across on-prem, public or private cloud environments, as part of their decision-buying process for Armor's offerings. In addition, Cody founded and owns Sandone Enterprises LLC, an industrial recycling brokerage services firm, and previously worked for AAA Recycling and Impact Realty Group, LLC.

Apr 172018

Enough with the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

| Head of Security

Everyone, including us, continues to harp about the cybersecurity talent gap. But while we recognize the problem, no one ever offers advice or recommendations on how key organizations, such as educational institutions, security groups and private companies, can help mend it and begin producing educated, experienced workers in troves. The cybersecurity talent gap in numbers […]

Wayne Reynolds

Head of Security

Head of Security, Wayne Reynolds, manages the cyber and physical security operations at Armor. This unique, dual responsibility extends beyond the typical approach many cloud providers take in securing their own operations while leaving customers to fend for themselves. Key to establishing the strategic and operational vision at Armor, Wayne oversees the execution of Security Incident Management, Security Infrastructure, Vulnerability Threat Management, Threat Intelligence, Corporate Security, and Physical Security within both Armor’s corporate and customer environments. He leads Armor's Friendly Network Forces, a one-of-a-kind internal penetration testing organization designed to validate the company’s own security measures and evaluate risk from new or unforeseen threats. Prior to Armor, Wayne served in the U.S. Marine Corps for nearly 20 years where he led the Tactical Information Technology and Avionics Departments. In his civilian career, he has led organizations for a wide range of businesses including Conde Nast Publication, Copart Auto Auctions, Aerojet-Rocketdyne, Citi Group, and GameStop.

Dec 142017

Think It, Build It, Secure It: The Spartan Story

Part of the potential of digital transformation is the ability to utilize technology to make businesses more agile and efficient, making cloud computing a natural component of that strategy. Today’s businesses want to be able to build their capabilities as fast as they can spin up a virtual machine. Think It, Build It, Secure It […]

Nov 282017

Cloud & Cybersecurity #ArmorU Report: Our Findings & Their Implications

It’s no secret that the cloud provides a range of business benefits: agility, scalability and cost savings. But while there’s a lot of excitement about the cloud, there isn’t much data about whether organizations are actually reaping these benefits and how cybersecurity is impacting cloud adoption. So here at Armor, we decided to investigate for […]

Sep 82017

Equifax Breach – Armor’s Take

| Founder & CEO

Another day, another breach. Armor weighs in on the Equifax breach of personally identifiable information (PII) for approximately 143 million Americans as well as UK and Canadian citizens. Those individuals impacted may not even realize they were affected, as credit agencies hold PII from other businesses. This illuminates not just the importance of security, but the role of corporate responsibility as it relates to people’s data. Our team is closely tracking the breach as it develops and continuing to monitor the Dark Web to share the latest insights and potential implications for other organizations.

Chris Drake

Founder & CEO

As the founder and CEO of Armor, Chris Drake oversees the growth, direction, and innovation of the company’s secure cloud services. He fights the status quo every day and ensures that the “smart creatives” at Armor are protected for the benefit of its customers. He understands and accepts the awesome responsibility customers have placed in Armor to protect their most sensitive data. Drake began his career by serving as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army’s storied 82nd Airborne Division. While at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Drake built some of the U.S. Army’s first private secure websites. After leaving the military, he established TargetScope, an interactive marketing and web development company that oversaw hundreds of websites and applications containing critical data. After hearing of clients getting hacked at other hosting providers, Drake saw a clear need in the market for a truly secure cloud and established FireHost (now Armor). In the first few years, Drake led Armor to 100 percent growth three years in a row, establishing the company as the industry’s leading secure managed cloud provider. He served as the company’s CTO in 2014 to help drive its continued innovation and returned to the CEO post in March 2015. Along the way, Drake became a sought-after speaker and writer on topics surrounding the cloud, security, and compliance. He’s often quoted in major industry news sites and speaks at leading industry events. In 2013, he won the Tech Titans Emerging CEO award, which is given to the top chief executive of a successfully emerging business. Drake was acknowledged as one of the top “40 under 40” business leaders by the Dallas Business Journal and received the University of North Texas Distinguished Young Alumni Award. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of North Texas.

Dec 172015

Is Magento Secure?

Magento is one of the top eCommerce platforms in the world. It benefits both from closed-source development for its Enterprise Edition, and open-source development from its Community Edition. Secure coding can only go so far. Patches can only be so timely. Here are some things to consider when working with Magento. Isn’t Magento a secured […]