artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

Aug 302018

Digital Transformation: Cybersecurity & Fintech

| Head of Marketing

The financial industry relies on employing the latest digital services to enhance the customer experience, yet most small and medium-sized institutions aren’t prepared to handle the ensuing vulnerabilities and lack the necessary defenses – especially when the industry is one of the top five targeted by hackers. Ironically, the same technologies that are creating vulnerabilities […]

Diana Massaro

Head of Marketing

Diana Massaro, who wields a healthy affinity for data and metrics-based strategy, leads Armor’s dynamic marketing team. With more than 24 years’ experience of delivering positivity, vision and management leadership to the private sector, her skills scale across a variety of disciplines, including large enterprise software and high-volume transaction models. Her previous roles have included: CEO & VP Marketing at Prodagio Software, VP of Marketing at Idera Software, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Datacert.

Jun 52018

On Cloud Nine: The Past, Present & Future of Cloud Computing

It took 100+ years from the time the first computer was born, to the delivery of computing services over the Internet; a business model beautifully conceptualized as “the cloud.” While the earliest computers were invented back in the 1800s to crunch numbers using punch cards, the invention of the modern-day computer is generally attributed to […]

Aug 12017

Cutting through the Noise: Are You Being Sold AI or Pattern Matching?

Many vendors are fudging terms when trying to sell their security systems. Here’s what you need to know when you buy. At the recent RSA Conference, you might have heard hundreds of people repeating the words “we have the best artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.” If you happened to be in one of those […]

Dec 202016

Case Study: Armored Info

Despite what the news cycle might lead you to believe, PHI, credit card data and health records are not the only targets for threat actors. One of the most rapidly growing areas of cyber crime is the theft of intellectual property (IP). Deloitte conducted a poll in which 58% of respondents said they believe IP […]