Oct 182018

#ArmorU Report Findings: Growth in Cloud Security

| Head of Marketing

By 2021 cybercrime is estimated to cost the world $6 trillion annually. As cyberattacks are the third highest risk to companies globally, it’s irresponsible for executives to sit idly by assuming they’re not on a threat actor’s radar. Although this is still the attitude of many C-Suite members, more and more decision makers and IT professionals are beginning to understand the severity […]

Diana Massaro

Head of Marketing

Diana Massaro, who wields a healthy affinity for data and metrics-based strategy, leads Armor’s dynamic marketing team. With more than 24 years’ experience of delivering positivity, vision and management leadership to the private sector, her skills scale across a variety of disciplines, including large enterprise software and high-volume transaction models. Her previous roles have included: CEO & VP Marketing at Prodagio Software, VP of Marketing at Idera Software, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Datacert.

May 222018

#ArmorU | A Cybersecurity Poll Series

Last year, we launched our first annual #ArmorU poll series to learn more about what businesses know and think regarding cloud data storage and cybersecurity in the cloud.  From June to September, we posted a different targeted question each week on Twitter– and the participation rate far exceeded our expectations.  By the end of the […]

Nov 282017

Cloud & Cybersecurity #ArmorU Report: Our Findings & Their Implications

It’s no secret that the cloud provides a range of business benefits: agility, scalability and cost savings. But while there’s a lot of excitement about the cloud, there isn’t much data about whether organizations are actually reaping these benefits and how cybersecurity is impacting cloud adoption. So here at Armor, we decided to investigate for […]

Oct 132015

National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Connected Communities & Families

Can you believe we’re already into Week 3 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month? Per our amazing friends at the National Cyber Security Alliance, the week’s topic focuses on protecting connected communities and families online. “Wherever we are and however we access the digital world, every step we take to be safer will make ourselves, […]