Oct 92018

Back to the Basics of Cybersecurity

| Director of U.S. Sales

Every morning when I arrive at work, I make it a small practice to do two things: check my emails from the night before and look at what happened in the world of cybersecurity the day before. Without fail, there’s something new and noteworthy every single day. Whether it be the recent Reddit attack, concerns of election hacking as we’re entering midterms, or the rise of […]

Derek Boxdell

Director of U.S. Sales

Derek serves as the Director of U.S. sales at Armor. He is responsible for guiding his team of consultants in helping clients solve business-related challenges, whether it's security, compliance or public/private cloud. With more than 10 years in the public cloud, cybersecurity and IT industry, he's seen the landscape evolve as industries continue to innovate, and is able to help his consultants create an ecosystem inclusive of transparency and candor. It's not at all unusual for him to get in, roll up his sleeves and help prospects make the right decision for their business strategies. Prior to joining Armor he served as the VP of Sales, Channels and Partners for FortyCloud, and was charged with driving revenue growth and awareness, ultimately culminating in acquisition by FireMon in 2016.