With another RSA Conference firmly in the rearview, I’m reminded of the great security insights and conversations from the last week. Per usual, discussions were heavily driven by the need for everyone to embrace the latest cloud technologies and techniques.

However, like with any integration, having the latest and greatest doesn’t guarantee results. This is especially true when discussing cloud security and the importance of talent and techniques to drive the effectiveness of security tools. Simply: tools don’t matter if there’s no one around who knows how to employ them. By pairing those tools with skilled security professionals, you can increase security program effectiveness across the board.

Fortunately, this concept seems to be catching on, and the tide appears to be turning against the tools-are-enough mentality. This was reflected in discussion topics around security tool orchestration as well as the many new companies and startups present at the conference that specifically target this gap in the security market.

Of course, that’s not to say that overreliance on tools is no longer a concern. This will always be a factor so long as budgets are tight and the belief exists that tools can replace headcount. Regardless, I left this year’s conference feeling confident that the importance of security talent and techniques are beginning to resonate. We’re even starting to see this positive trend at Armor as more customers are solving for talent first, instead of just settling on tools.

Additional thoughts on RSA 2017:

  • The big news at the conference was the NSS Labs testing of 13 different Advanced Endpoint Protection tools in a side-by-side comparison.
  • Container security was also a hot topic. There were several new emerging capabilities from the current security providers and startups.
  • There was a large focus on AI and machine learning – specifically regarding what it means for cyber security as a whole.

Overall, this year’s RSA Conference was a very worthwhile experience. I enjoyed all of the conversations that began on the convention floor and look forward to continuing them throughout the year.