Last week we talked about the security principles behind The Payment Island™, but today I’d like to talk about why we need Payment Islands – along with who can benefit from them.

We’re all aware that over the last few years, more and more sensitive data has moved to the cloud. From healthcare to shopping to paying bills, that’s where we’re conducting business and living our lives – and criminals know it. Every year, hackers grow more sophisticated and cunning in their abilities to invade our systems. The Snapchat and Target breaches of the last few weeks are just the most recent examples. And while those companies will probably survive these invasions (though not without a loss of consumer confidence), most smaller organizations aren’t so lucky; 80 percent of businesses who suffer a breach go out of business within two years.

That’s a pretty significant number and it spells out exactly why compliance and security should be your top priorities. Protecting regulated data, safeguarding your brand reputation, avoiding fines and passing audits can make or break you as a business. Yet as PCI DSS requirements continue to evolve, compliance is becoming an increasingly complex and confusing burden for many organizations. This is especially true when you’re unsure of the best ways to protect your critical applications, or lack the resources to invest in specialized staff.

And that’s where The Payment Island offers a game-changing solution. A PCI-compliant private cloud infrastructure, Payment Islands decouple data and transactional applications from monolithic IT environments. By isolating the payment engine in the cloud infrastructure, sensitive data is hidden, reducing your compliance scope and boosting your cloud performance. The result: you enjoy multi-layered security, simplified compliance processes, and faster, easier audits.

But don’t think that The Payment Island is only for online retailers. While the service is definitely helpful for eCommerce businesses, its benefits can be enjoyed by any organization with critical applications to protect. Here’s why.

The Payment Island’s network segmentation takes sensitive data out of monolithic IT environments where it’s vulnerable, and puts it in an isolated, secure environment. Not only does this safe haven protect regulated data, the service offers options for geographic redundancy and seamless scalability to provide the performance and security every cloud environment needs. Customers experience audits that are easier, faster and less costly because they can leverage Armor’s PCI compliance, and critical data stays protected. Best of all, there’s no need for in-house staff to manage it – we have certified experts to help manage it for you around the clock.