The Challenge

Data security and compliance have always been priorities for BraveSoft, a Denver-based database management company. However, while confident they can protect their clients’ data, it’s not their only area of expertise. So, when faced with the growing amount and sophistication of potential threats to their public cloud environment, they felt it was time to perfect their security posture.

As Thomas Wood, CTO, BraveSoft, soon discovered, though, achieving this wouldn’t be as simple as purchasing the latest security tools.

“There’s a lot of costs associated with that. It’s not just what program you use, it’s multiple programs. Then you have to put them on servers and hire full-time staff. To efficiently monitor that you need to have security expertise on board. And that’s not even considering compliance needs.”

They quickly found themselves with the same dilemma as several of their clients: What’s the optimum approach for securing your data without changing your corporate identity?

“Even though we’re skilled at defending the database layer, developing a full-featured security posture would require us to become a security company. Data security is a priority, but not our only focus. We needed a partner with the talent and technologies to help us complete our cloud security framework.”
Thomas Wood, CTO, BraveSoft

A Partnered Approach

In need of their own scalable, managed cloud security solution, and with their clients looking to them for guidance, they turned to their partner, Armor. As a database management partner and customer of Armor Complete, they had confidence that Armor’s experts could help them develop a reliable security solution to deploy across their public cloud environments.

Based on their business needs and requirements for securing data on multiple public cloud environments, BraveSoft installed Armored Anywhere across their AWS environment. Once on-boarded, they finally had the security infrastructure they needed – without taking on the total cost of ownership themselves.

Another key benefit of Anywhere, according to Wood, is how it reduces compliance risks.

“Armor Anywhere just takes risk off our plate, especially when it comes to maintaining PCI compliance. The shared responsibility between BraveSoft and Armor minimizes the time and energy I have to spend to remain compliant. And that’s what we love about.”
Thomas Wood, CTO, BraveSoft

Built for AWS

For BraveSoft’s Amazon Web service (AWS) instances, the benefits are obvious. As a flexible, cost-effective hosting solution, the quality of an AWS instance is determined by the Shared responsibility model and how an organization meets their obligations in terms of security and compliance – aspects not managed by Amazon.

With Armor Anywhere on AWS, BraveSoft and its clients have the security layer they need to complete their hosting picture, through benefits including:

  • 24/7 Active Defense Alerts
  • Patch Monitoring
  • Log & Event Managment
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
  • External Vulnerability Scanning
  • Managed Malware Protection

Back to Basics

With their security question answered, and the confidence that their data is protected as well as compliant, BraveSoft can get back to doing what they do best – while also advising their clients on the importance of managed cloud security.

“As a data management company, our security posture is critical,” said Wood. “While we have expertise protecting our clients at the database layer, Armor Anywhere perfects our security stack. It’s an added level of protection that we would have to otherwise worry about.”