Many cyber security professionals are passionate about their careers. Often, this stems from a drive to protect the innocent or unassuming from nefarious threat actors. Unsurprising, this trait is also found in Armor’s cyber security professionals.

This is the focus of CSO’s latest story, “What to love about your IT security job,” which features cyber security executives and what motivates them in the space.

For the piece, CSO writer Ryan Francis connected with Armor CSO Jeff Schilling and Armor Director of Cyber Threat Research Dr. Chase Cunningham, who’s also co-creator of The Cynja, a graphic novel focused on cyber security education and awareness.

Schilling noted the parallels to his military experience. In July 2012, Schilling retired from the U.S. Army after 24 years of service. In his last assignment, he was the director of the Army’s global security operations center (SOC) under the U.S. Army Cyber Command.

“Waking up every day and coming to work with a team that has this selfless service mission, to protect something, reminds me of the camaraderie and shared values I had with my teams I served with in the military,” Schilling told CSO.

Cunningham, who is a U.S. Navy veteran, explains how rewarding it is to educate future cyber security experts, both through his position at Armor as well as his work with The Cynja.

“Thanks to the work we do at The Cynja, we are literally helping to train and educate the next 20 years’ worth of youngsters that will inherit the world of IT,” Cunningham explained to CSO. “It is so thrilling to know that the material that we are providing is actually teaching kids, parents and now schools on how they can leverage technology to not only make things easier, but to be safer and more secure.”

Francis’ story features seven other cyber security leaders who all provide their own unique perspectives on working in the industry. They cite the excitement of the industry, dynamic nature of the work, the cool factor and one even half-joked that it works well with his insomnia.

The CSO story was later syndicated by CIO and ITWorld.