As CRN recaps, “2015 was a transformative year for cloud providers, one in which the industry matured and the provider landscape settled.”

Some vendors grew. Hopeful startups collapsed. Others simply absorbed. As market positions were gobbled up, a handful of the elite remain — now standing taller and stronger than ever.

CRN_logoOne such provider is Armor, which was named one of CRN’s “20 Coolest Cloud Infrastructure Vendors of 2016.” Published yearly, it’s CRN’s take on the best cloud experts worth knowing.

Featuring Armor founder & CEO Chris Drake, the honor calls out the company’s public and private offerings, as well as Armor’s elite cyber security expertise. Armor is joined on the list by AT&T, Cisco, Google, HP Enterprise, IBM, Microsoft and VMware, among others.

This specific list is a component of CRN’s larger collection, “The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing Vendors of 2016.” Now in its sixth year, the list is divided into five key categories: infrastructure, platform and development, security, software and storage.

CRN offers this yearly resource to help channel-powered organizations to narrow their search in finding trusted and proven technology partners.