Perhaps more than any other industry today, service industry brands are being overwhelmed by an endlessly growing amount of employee data.

While solutions are available to help these companies and their HR departments streamline processes and the flow of information, most are single-purpose, requiring companies to assemble their platforms piecemeal. This ends up shifting their burden from managing employee data to learning how to utilize and integrate each solution with their other workforce management systems.

Suddenly they’re faced with a dilemma: focus on the hiring, onboarding and management of their employees or on properly managing their data? It’s a choice no business should have to make.

PeopleMatter, an innovative workforce management platform designed to fit the specific needs of service-industry brands, brings a comprehensive approach to the full employee lifecycle, empowering employers to have their data and leverage it, too.

Rapid Growth

PeopleMatter’s workforce solutions serve more than 47,000 service-industry locations – a number growing by the day.

To support this rapid growth, the software provider needed a way to scale faster in its Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud environment. Unfortunately, though, the security model that worked well on their static co-located hosting environment didn’t translate directly to AWS. Like most public cloud offerings, AWS provides a wealth of raw compute power but leaves securing it up to the customer.

For PeopleMatter, this meant finding a newer, more adaptable approach.

“We’re a small team, so we’re focused on keeping our operations cost down, but our number one priority is giving our customers 100% confidence that their data is protected. Building a large security team or our own ops center is outside our budget entirely.”
Robert Dozier, DevOps, PeopleMatter

Even if they could develop these resources internally, as Robert explains, fully leveraging them would require in-depth consultation and training from industry experts, eating up time and cash that would take away from PeopleMatter’s ability to develop innovative, employer-focused solutions.

Keeping it Simple

So, Robert and his team looked for outside help.

The first step was finding the right security provider. In a crowded marketplace full of firms eager to manage PeopleMatter’s public cloud infrastructure, they had plenty of choices. So, while quantity wasn’t an issue in the search, quality was a different matter.

“The market for managed services on top of public cloud is broad; the service offerings vary widely; and the quality of the providers is largely unproven. It’s a space where anyone and everyone is creating ‘cloud management’ services with impressive promises, but no specifics,” Robert explained. “Our goal was to find a fully-formed product backed by the expertise and manpower to help them protect their clients’ HR data in the public cloud.”

Talented and Secure

As it turned out, the solution was in PeopleMatter’s own backyard. Having already leveraged the high-security hosting environment of Armor Complete for its data warehousing and other solutions, PeopleMatter was familiar with the solid and mature security stack and SOC team that Armor spent years developing and tuning.

When Armor Anywhere, Armor’s security solution for public cloud environments, was launched, PeopleMatter was one of the first to sign on. For them it’s an ideal complement to their multi-vendor SaaS environment on AWS without adding to headcount.

For Robert, the value is obvious.

“Since we are looking to fully leverage the public cloud as part of our SaaS platform, I don’t have the benefits of a traditional co-location provider, our own IDS, traffic management and monitoring. With Armor Anywhere, I have access to those services while also getting the most out of our cloud-hosting strategy.”
Robert Dozier, DevOps, PeopleMatter

Together with Armor, PeopleMatter can maintain that level of protection their customers expect, empowering them to achieve their operational goals.

“The Armor Anywhere application stack gives me the ability to add security monitoring and management with one solution, so there’s no need for additional staff,” Robert explained. “Doing that myself would require me to assemble multiple different tools and hire an expensive, 24/7 online response team to watch those tools and respond to issues.”

A Busy Year for PeopleMatter

Enhancing their security posture isn’t the only recent development for PeopleMatter. As part of a recent acquisition, PeopleMatter is now part of Snagajob. The union of the two industry-leading providers of hourly market solutions allows Snagajob to offer the No. 1 human capital management platform for the hourly market, addressing every aspect of the talent lifecycle.

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