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Marilyne Mendolla, Head of Indications and Warnings

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Jun 62019

A Day in the Life at Armor: Marilyne Mendolla

| Head of Indications and Warnings

Cloud security has never been more important. Yet as threats increase and change in nature, organizations need help staying current on the risks they face. Often, internal staff doesn’t have the time or expertise to evaluate every warning or indication of trouble. As a result, it takes an average of 197 days for some companies […]

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Marilyne Mendolla

Head of Indications and Warnings

Marilyne Mendolla has 10 years of experience in Information Technology, 8 of which are cybersecurity-focused. She leads the Indications and Warnings team within Armor's Security Opreation Center (SOC). This team is comprised of Security Analysts responsible for the 24x7x365 security alert detection, management, and response. Prior to joining the Armor team, Marilyne worked as a Senior Cyber Engineer at Raytheon in information assurance, certification and accreditation, and secure cloud architecture. Marilyne graduated summa cum laude from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and earned a Master's in Computer Science, Information Assurance from the University of Texas at Dallas. Marilyne is also a veteran of the Armed Forces, having served four years in the US Army.