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Aug 272019

Mid-Year Review: Armor Part 1

They say time flies when you’re having fun but, in our experience, time seems to fly by a little faster when you’re having fun and working in the world of cloud and cybersecurity. The first eight months of this year have nearly come and gone. While the industry has been rapidly evolving and major cyber […]

Feb 82019

The most common reasons for data breaches in healthcare systems

With its vast amounts of stored patient data and expanding business footprint, the healthcare industry has been a hot commodity for cybercriminals for years. Despite healthcare expenditures on cybersecurity outpacing the global average, the 2018 Thales Data Threat Report states that nearly half (48%) of U.S. healthcare organizations reported a breach in 2017—well above the […]

Feb 72019

Achieving Security & Compliance in a Healthcare World

Healthcare organizations have been hit hard by data breaches over the last several years, creating a cybercrime wave that has cost organizations millions of dollars and put vast amounts of patient data at risk. In 2014, Tennessee-based Community Health Systems was breached twice, with hackers making off with the names, addresses, birthdates, and telephone numbers […]

Feb 52019

Women in Cybersecurity: Marie Garcia

A Conversation with Marie Garcia, Armor’s IT Compliance and Audit Manager Did you know that many of computer technology’s earliest innovators were women? In the 1840s, Ada Lovelace devised the first algorithm for Charles Babbage’s analytic machine, an early computer prototype. About three-quarters of the Bletchley Park team that broke the Nazis’ ENIGMA code during […]

Jan 312019

Women in Cybersecurity: Nancy Free

A Conversation with Nancy Free, Armor’s Chief Compliance and Data Privacy Officer as well as Head of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) and Privacy It’s been estimated that more than 1 million security jobs are unfilled. Further, the international cybersecurity non-profit ISC2 reports that, of the currently employed cybersecurity professionals, women represent only 11% […]

Jan 292019

Cyberthreats Against Cloud Data

In the past year and a half, there has been no shortage of news reports on security incidents involving unsecured cloud services. For example, in Fall 2017, news broke that Accenture, one of the leading global consulting and management firms, accidently left 4 AWS S3 storage buckets open to the public. This essentially gave anyone […]

Jan 222019

Women in cybersecurity: Marilyne Mendolla

Women have made significant progress in cybersecurity over the 6 years since Frost and Sullivan’s 2013 survey, which found that female workers made up just 11% of the global cybersecurity workforce. Today, that number has nearly doubled to 20%, according to CyberSecurity Ventures. That leaves room for improvement, however, since research shows that diverse teams […]

Jan 82019

Armor’s Best of Blogs

The beginning of a new year is always a great time to plan for the road ahead by reflecting on the successes from the past 365 days, and that’s what we’re doing now. 2018 was an attention-grabbing year in the cyberworld! Ever-emerging risks and trends, along with new security solutions and industry insights, provided us […]

Jun 52018

On Cloud Nine: The Past, Present & Future of Cloud Computing

It took 100+ years from the time the first computer was born, to the delivery of computing services over the Internet; a business model beautifully conceptualized as “the cloud.” While the earliest computers were invented back in the 1800s to crunch numbers using punch cards, the invention of the modern-day computer is generally attributed to […]

May 242018

SOC Strategy: Let’s Put Down the Hammer

Pinterest, HGTV, and easy-to-follow YouTube videos have made do-it-yourself (DIY) projects increasingly popular over the past several years. While we all like to think of ourselves as capable DYI-ers, should the security of your organization really be something you entrust to anyone other than an experienced professional? While there’s no silver bullet when it comes […]