This week, the Silicon Review recognizes Armor as one of 2016’s 10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies. Our growth should be no surprise if you’ve been paying attention to all the hacking stories in the headlines. The more the market becomes aware of the threat of intrusion, the more Armor is asked to help.

sr-fastest-growing-companiesThis recognition is a great honor that reflects the heart and soul our team pours into our customer engagements to protect them from the many threats that look to cause them harm.

I spoke a bit about this in the article:

We built the world’s most secure cloud. Think about an AWS experience with all security bundled in plus a threat intelligence team and security operations center monitoring and protecting it. We did not have the desire to build a cloud, but to protect the application and its underlying data. To do that, we had to own the cloud. This is because we had to add all of our secure capabilities inside the cloud stack from the storage to the network to all kinds of security layers.

Though this desire to provide comprehensive protection has grown to include 3rd party clouds, the underlying philosophy has not. Our commitment keeping data secure is being noticed, and why the Silicon Review says “Armor is continuing to make steady strides toward making its presence felt in the payments industry, financial institutions, retail, e-commerce and various other business verticals.”