To gain the insight from industry leaders and innovators, CSO Online publishes an engaging series of Q&As called Hacked Opinions. In their latest story, “The Legalities of Hacking,” senior staff writer Steve Ragan connected with Armor CSO Jeff Schilling to gain his insight on hacking regulation and legislation.

The candid discussion examines security research, legislation and the difficult decision of taking researchers to court. The pair explore misconceptions lawmakers have with cyber security, how legislation affects research and development, and ideas for improving security-based legislation. On the former, Schilling was adamant about where our biggest challenges reside.

“I think the common misconception is that we don’t have enough security people and capabilities,” Schilling told CSO Online. “The reality is our networks where never designed to be secured, so we are not dealing with a security problem, we are dealing with a poor design.”

Among other topics, Schilling also explained how legislation needs to be expanded to include new types of mediums, developers, services and more.

“Legislation needs to not only cover security standards and policies for security, but also for those companies who design appliances that create the Internet of Things,” said Schilling. “We still have a culture of application and operating system developers who don’t create secure code. We also have network vendors with flawed operating systems and hardware.”

To read the full Q&A session, please visit CSO Online.