Maintaining diligence in the cyber fight against threat actors, Armor founder and CEO Chris Drake was a guest on the “The Big Biz Show” on Oct. 27, joining hosts Bob “Sully” Sullivan and Russ T. Nailz.

In the 16-minute interview, Drake outlines the current threat landscape and Armor’s differentiated position in the industry. As Armor CSO Jeff Schilling has done many times, Drake explained there’s a difference between providing customers the security tools versus actually doing the fighting for them.

“A lot of the security companies in the industry — one that is growing in the last 12-24 months — we consider them blacksmiths,” said Drake. “They provide the swords and the shields to IT organizations to fight the fight. Our business is being the knights. We take the best swords and shields in the world — and we’ve built or own — and we go to battle against the bad guys.”

The problem just isn’t with commitment or spending. Many companies allocate large portions of their budget for cyber defense. The result? More and more high-profile breaches. Drake says the problem is also the alarming shortage of properly trained cyber security professionals.

“Security spending has doubled in the last four years. The problem is that there is a major shortage in security talent. We are short 250,000 cyber security professionals in the United States, and a million worldwide. If we were that short of physicians in the United States, it would be a national crisis.”

Sullivan closes the segment with a direct question about the greatest threats facing the U.S.

“The cyber threat is the biggest threat by multiple factors, even if I didn’t have a company in the space,” said Drake. “It’s market manipulation based off of scare tactics.”

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