September 2016

September 2016

Sep 222016

A Change in Direction: The FBI Rejects Paying-Off Ransomware

There is nothing shocking regarding the FBI’s recent reversal of their advice to victims of ransomware. In the past, the party line was to submit to demands and pay up. Those that understand the motivations of extortionists have long seen this change of direction from the Bureau looming. There are only two rules the bad guys live by: “Don’t get caught and profit while you can.”

Sep 92016


The Challenge Data security and compliance have always been priorities for BraveSoft, a Denver-based database management company. However, while confident they can protect their clients’ data, it’s not their only area of expertise. So, when faced with the growing amount and sophistication of potential threats to their public cloud environment, they felt it was time to […]

Sep 62016

3 Major Cybersecurity Market Mistakes

I’ve had the distinct privilege of meeting with more than 100+ value-added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs), systems integrators, (SIs) and, independent software vendors (ISVs) during the last six months from four different countries. While this represents a diverse group of partners, the topics we discussed were quite consistent: How do I assure my […]