July 2016

July 2016

Jul 272016

Armor Profiled in Silicon Review – Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies

| Founder & CEO

This week, the Silicon Review recognizes Armor as one of 2016’s 10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies. Our growth should be no surprise if you’ve been paying attention to all the hacking stories in the headlines. The more the market becomes aware of the threat of intrusion, the more Armor is asked to help.

Chris Drake

Founder & CEO

As the founder and CEO of Armor, Chris Drake oversees the growth, direction, and innovation of the company’s secure cloud services. He fights the status quo every day and ensures that the “smart creatives” at Armor are protected for the benefit of its customers. He understands and accepts the awesome responsibility customers have placed in Armor to protect their most sensitive data. Drake began his career by serving as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army’s storied 82nd Airborne Division. While at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Drake built some of the U.S. Army’s first private secure websites. After leaving the military, he established TargetScope, an interactive marketing and web development company that oversaw hundreds of websites and applications containing critical data. After hearing of clients getting hacked at other hosting providers, Drake saw a clear need in the market for a truly secure cloud and established FireHost (now Armor). In the first few years, Drake led Armor to 100 percent growth three years in a row, establishing the company as the industry’s leading secure managed cloud provider. He served as the company’s CTO in 2014 to help drive its continued innovation and returned to the CEO post in March 2015. Along the way, Drake became a sought-after speaker and writer on topics surrounding the cloud, security, and compliance. He’s often quoted in major industry news sites and speaks at leading industry events. In 2013, he won the Tech Titans Emerging CEO award, which is given to the top chief executive of a successfully emerging business. Drake was acknowledged as one of the top “40 under 40” business leaders by the Dallas Business Journal and received the University of North Texas Distinguished Young Alumni Award. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of North Texas.

Jul 222016

FBI needs to beef-up high-tech cyber threat evaluations says DoJ Inspector General

The FBI needs to identify and categorize cyber threats more quickly than it currently does in an effort to stay out in front of current and emerging cyber threats. +More on Network World: FBI: The top 3 ways Congress could help fight tenacious cyber threats+ That was the general observation of a report out this […]

Jul 132016

Updates from Microsoft WPC – Progress in Security but More is Needed

Tuesday’s keynote from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference discussed the cost of cyberthreats and the pressing need for more security features to keep sensitive data safe. To successfully thwart today’s sophisticated attacks, there must be an orchestrated strategy to go beyond addressing security from issue to issue and attack to attack. Fixing application holes on a per case basis isn’t sustainable or practical.