March 2016

March 2016

Mar 312016

Data Breaches Often Result in CEO Firing

What are the real-world risks of a cyber security breach to CEOs and their company? We will explore the issues of reputational damage, incident cost, stock price impact, and increased regulatory attention. We will also discuss the fate of four CEOs who have faced cybersecurity breaches in the past three years. According to Warren Buffet, […]

Mar 292016

How An Audit Can Shore Up Your Security Strategy

Information security audits are on the rise, as organizations look to not only bolster their security postures, but demonstrate their efforts to other parties such as regulators. Audits, which are measurable technical assessments of systems, applications and other IT components, can involve any number of manual and automated processes. Whether conducted by internal auditors or […]

Mar 82016

White Hat, Black Hat, Red Team, Blue Team

U.S. Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook announced on Mar. 3 a pilot program inviting white hat hackers to attempt to penetrate the cyber defense of one of the most guarded government facilities in the U.S.: the Pentagon. While it seems the U.S. Department of Defense’s intentions are in the right place, the fact that all […]

Mar 12016

Dwell Time: A Security Metric to Obsess Over

Jeff Schilling has an obsession with dwell time. The Armor CSO explains his infatuation with the security metric on Dark Reading. Simply, dwell time is the number of days a threat actor remains undetected within a given environment until remediation. In 2014, the reported industry average dwell time was 205 days. Thankfully, one popular incident […]