November 2015

November 2015

Nov 272015

Cyber Monday: Threat Actor Tricks & Tactics to Avoid

As the gentlemen from Armor’s Threat Resistance Unit (TRU) say, “A threat to one is a threat to all.” This is especially true during the next six weeks of online shopping madness. TRU is already witnessing threat actors and cyber criminals in the underground forums ramping up activity to target different retail websites during Cyber […]

Nov 192015

The Dallas Morning News: Armor Top 100 Places to Work

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is a sprawling business ecosystem of innovation, vision and success. So, it’s no small feat to be singled out as the very best of such a dynamic region. New for 2015, The Dallas Morning News named Armor one of the top 100 places to work in North Texas. You can read […]

Nov 192015

Threat Intelligence: Why You Can Always Do More

When implemented and managed properly, threat intelligence is one of the cornerstones of a sound cyber security strategy. The trouble? So many organizations are unable to integrate it correctly. Dark Reading contributor Ericka Chickowski offered an insightful piece on just this realization. Her story, “5 Reasons Enterprises Don’t Get Enough Value From Threat Intelligence,” outlined […]

Nov 172015

Managing Multi-Cloud Environments

Yes, 2016 is the year of the multi-cloud strategy. Whether blended, hybrid, shaken or stirred, multi-could technology will power many of our popular brands, services, applications and platform. But as CIO contributor Stephanie Overby points out, defining this strategy differs based on the respective company, business objectives, size of data workloads and any security or […]

Nov 132015

Did the FBI Pay Carnegie Mellon to Hack the Tor Network?

According to the Tor Project, the FBI paid Carnegie Mellon $1 million to hack Tor, the popular and free underground system of volunteer networks that obfuscate a user’s activity and location. It was previously thought to be unbreakable. Digging into the Tor Project’s claims, SearchSecurity senior reporter Michael Heller connected with industry cyber security leaders […]

Nov 112015

Veterans Finding Success in Cyber Security

For military veterans, the transition from active duty to civilian life isn’t always straightforward. After years away from home, the private sector job network isn’t primed. Acquired skills don’t always translate to real-world positions. Despite dedicating their lives defending their country, veterans often face challenges merging back into the workforce. Armor understands this reality. We’re […]

Nov 92015

Armor CEO Chris Drake Hits National Airwaves on Emmy-Winning Show

Maintaining diligence in the cyber fight against threat actors, Armor founder and CEO Chris Drake was a guest on the “The Big Biz Show” on Oct. 27, joining hosts Bob “Sully” Sullivan and Russ T. Nailz. In the 16-minute interview, Drake outlines the current threat landscape and Armor’s differentiated position in the industry. As Armor […]

Nov 42015

Healthcare Industry Faces ‘Kobayashi Maru’ Scenario

As far as cyber security analogies go, this one is out there. Way out there in the “neutral zone.” But bear with us. SC Magazine’s recent story, “The High Cost of Staying Protected: Security Expenses,” sheds light on the disturbing trend of CISOs, IT teams and security departments being asked to do so much more […]

Nov 42015

False Positives or Measurable Security Outcomes?

On the surface, it makes perfect sense. As data breaches continue to grow in number and severity, so does the availability of threat intelligence solutions and services that promise to keep organizations ahead of the attacks. CSO’s Bob Violino outlined this very issue. To a point, this technology does deliver — assuming you’re able and […]

Nov 32015

Simple Tips for Keeping Your Identity, Money Safe Online

Banks and large enterprises aren’t the only entities that need protection online. Each person plays a pivotal role in not only safeguarding their digital identity, but also fighting the greater cyber war. By staying diligent and aware when online, individual users can go a long way in protecting their personal security and safety. Armor’s head […]