October 2015

October 2015

Oct 282015

US-EU Data-Sharing Agreement Creates Questions for International Relationships, Business

| Chief Information Security Officer

As news breaks about the United States and European Union agreeing, in principle, to a new data-sharing pact, questions arise as to whether this is an improvement to outgoing policy, particularly the Safe Harbor Rules. I recently connected with SearchSecurity’s Michael Heller to explain that we should all expect more transparent statements on general data […]

Kurt Hagerman

Chief Information Security Officer

Kurt Hagerman has over twenty-five years in the field of information technology, including over 6 years as Chief Information Security Officer at Armor. He is responsible for the governance, risk and compliance side of the security mission for customer facing products. He regularly consults with Armor prospects and customers on PCI, HIPAA and financial services regulations and helps them understand how these regulations impact their business and how Armor can help them meet their regulatory responsibilities. Kurt regularly speaks and writes on information security topics in the payments and health care spaces as well as on cloud security. He holds CISA and CISSP certifications and is an active participant with local chapters of ISACA, CSA and ISSA.

Prior to joining Armor, he was a Managing Director and national PCI Practice Director for Coalfire Systems, Inc., a leading IT Security GRC company. Kurt has conducted hundreds of security reviews and audits across a number of industries including the payment space, healthcare, financial services and higher education. During his twenty-five plus years in the field of information technology, he has held a wide number of positions encompassing many IT and security disciplines including: network engineering; systems engineering; security engineering; and IT/Security auditing and compliance.

Oct 262015

National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Building the Next Generation of Cyber Professionals

The future of cyber security is critically linked with the security, IT and networks pros who are fighting the battles. As Armor CSO Jeff Schilling has consistently warned, we’re alarmingly short on filling thousands of vacant cyber security and intelligence positions. To help organizations build the next generation of cyber security professionals, Schilling says we […]

Oct 202015

Armor CSO Joins CSO Online to Discuss Security Legislation

To gain the insight from industry leaders and innovators, CSO Online publishes an engaging series of Q&As called Hacked Opinions. In their latest story, “The Legalities of Hacking,” senior staff writer Steve Ragan connected with Armor CSO Jeff Schilling to gain his insight on hacking regulation and legislation. The candid discussion examines security research, legislation and […]

Oct 162015

Armor CEO to Forbes: Hacking Made Personal

Their motives, exploits and targets may be of the modern age, but we’ve seen their criminal concepts many times before. That’s the belief of Forbes contributor Tony Bradley, who published an insightful piece, “Cybercrime Is The Modern-Day Mafia”, on the similarities between traditional organized crime practices and the activities of today’s cyber criminals and malicious […]

Oct 152015

Armor Study Raises Eyes Across Cloud, Cyber Security Industries

Fresh off the public release of Armor’s study with the Ponemon Institute — Cloud Security: Getting It Right — Armor CSO Jeff Schilling and Vice President of Security Wayne Reynolds synced with both eWeek and Dark Reading to explore some of the more telling findings of the report. As Armor reported, most organizations remain divided when […]

Oct 142015

6 Tips for Keeping Children Safe Online

As Inside Outcomes discussed early in the week, National Cyber Security Awareness Month is focusing on protecting communities and families against threats online. To help, I wanted to offer a handful of key points for helping keep children safe online. Talk to kids early and repeat the message often. This is especially important in teaching […]

Oct 132015

National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Connected Communities & Families

Can you believe we’re already into Week 3 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month? Per our amazing friends at the National Cyber Security Alliance, the week’s topic focuses on protecting connected communities and families online. “Wherever we are and however we access the digital world, every step we take to be safer will make ourselves, […]

Oct 82015

Armor’s New Cyber Security Blog, Inside Outcomes

With a new brand comes a bevy of new resources, tools and toys. Near the top of our wish list was a modern and engaging blog to serve as a true hub for cyber security news, trends, discussion and opinion. Welcome to Inside Outcomes. We’ll forever offer forward-thinking white papers and vantage points from our […]