CIOs bear the weight of untold terabytes of critical information. Their jobs are difficult and responsibilities endless. It’s a reality that keeps many up at night.

The online publication CIO offers help. In their latest piece, “10 tips to help CIOs reduce stress,” CIO offers a handful of tricks to better manage data security overload. CIO staff writer Paul Rubens explores many of the top challenges, which were broken down into security, management and personal stress.

One of the key topics, network architecture, drew the interest of Armor CSO Jeff Schilling. He explains to CIO why it’s so critical to know the ins and outs of a network — specifically the location and type of any and all data. After all, you can’t properly defend any data if you don’t what and where it is. This is where data classification and true data security solutions are key.

“I am always surprised when I meet a CIO or senior IT leader in an organization and they can’t describe their IT architecture,” Schilling told CIO. “I lose sleep at night if I don’t know how my network is put together and what I need to do to protect it.”

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For organizations serious about security and compliance, Schilling suggests an investment in solutions that can help map and track secure infrastructure via change management databases.

The compelling feature offered opinions, insight and advice from many other security and technology leaders. The story provided further details on unknown network activity, risk management, budgeting, cloud enablement, IT prioritization and more.