May 252017

Top Mistakes Managed Service Providers (MSPs) Make in Cyber Security

Dan Mannion | VP of Partners and Alliances

My team spends a significant amount of time with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) throughout the year learning about their businesses, growth opportunities and discussing how we can partner together.  Along the way, we see a broad range of the challenges and opportunities selling security solutions present. There are a variety of different types of MSPs […]

Dan Mannion

VP of Partners and Alliances

With more than 18 years of business development experience, most recently serving as senior director of Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Strategy at Microsoft, Dan Mannion, vice president of channel, has the know-how to build and maintain successful relationships with engineering, marketing and global strategic partners. Mannion spent more than a decade at Microsoft where he focused on developing mature markets like the United States, Germany and France, in addition to emerging markets such as China, Mexico and South Africa.

As the senior director of the Technology Strategy and Architecture Team at Microsoft, he led the team that designed and executed Microsoft’s Cloud First and Mobile First strategies for the worldwide public sector. Prior to that, he served as the director of National Cloud Sales, where he led Microsoft Cloud sellers around the world to educate and enable central governments to create the largest clouds – National Clouds – in each country.

Prior to joining Microsoft in 2005, Mannion marketed and sold enterprise talent management software for a SaaS provider Authoria. Mannion earned his B.S. in Marketing from Pennsylvania State University.

May 242017

Moving Sucks – But Your Cloud Journey Can Be Different!

By Howard Friedman ASCENT SOLUTIONS Vice President, Business Innovation   At Ascent, we work closely with our partner Armor, who highlights an important aspect of your cloud transformation that is often swept under the rug – “Moving Sucks.” That sounds provocative and it really is. But it shouldn’t be scary, and I’ll highlight where our […]

May 222017

Getting Out of the Weeds with Managed Cloud Security

BJ Antweil | VP WW Sales

While getting your hands dirty is admirable, it’s not always the best way to handle the security of your cloud data workloads and applications. Learn how landscaping and managed cloud security have more in common that you might think.

BJ Antweil Image

BJ Antweil

VP WW Sales

May 182017

The Adylkuzz Botnet – An Uninvited Guest

Look anywhere in the news today and it’s hard to miss coverage about WannaCry, the SMB exploit-loving ransomware that wormed its way into all our hearts. This piece of malware certainly proved a few points about the current state of cyber security – namely that patch management, network segmentation, asset management and perimeter defense are all […]

May 182017

Understanding Totally Secure #4: Outcome-Driven & Transparent Cloud Security

Jared Day | President

The final part of Totally Secure is the most critical to demonstrating the importance of cloud security in real time, being outcome-driven and transparent. Jared Day, President, Armor, explores the meaning of this element and how we bring cloud security out of the “black box” for our customers. Q: What does being Totally Secure mean […]

Jared Day


Jared oversees the company’s finances and growth strategy. He has experience scaling high-growth businesses and is focused on deploying the company’s resources effectively so that Armor can maintain its leading position in the secure cloud category. Day was previously a Principal in the Corporate Development practice at the Boston Consulting Group and the CFO of Firstdoor, a SaaS provider in the human capital management industry.

May 172017

Dissecting WannaCry – Understanding the Past to Anticipate the Future

Chris Hinkley, CISSP | Senior Security Architect

With the initial wave of WannaCry subsiding, it’s important to dissect what transpired in anticipation of the next possible emergence. We know that The Shadow Brokers released what were supposedly an arsenal of nation-state hacking tools last month. Two of which are the engines behind WannaCry targeting exclusively Windows machines. The WannaCry ransomware/worm has a […]

Chris Hinkley, CISSP

Senior Security Architect

As senior security architect of FireHost, Chris Hinkley utilizes a decade of security expertise to design, test and deploy next generation security processes and techniques for the cloud. His work at Armor was instrumental in Armor being one of the first cloud companies globally to achieve PCI DSS compliance.

Prior to Armor, Hinkley worked as a Web Developer for TargetScope, an interactive marketing and Web development company. In that role he created everything from website animations to complex and dynamic product configurations using the latest technology and development frameworks. With Armor, Hinkley has held a number of security and technology-related roles, including security engineer, lead engineer and support manager. In those roles he has serviced thousands of FireHost customer servers, including Windows and Linux, and overseen the security of all hosting environments to meet PCI, HIPAA and other compliance guidelines.

Hinkley is a sought after speaker and author on cloud, security and open source topics, publishing regular columns in SecurityWeek and other industry magazines. Hinkley is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

May 152017

WannaCry: The Definitive Litmus Test For Taking Security Seriously

Jeff Schilling, CISM | Chief Security Officer

Cyber insurance providers are always looking for that litmus test on how to judge if an organization seeking insurance is serious about their security program. I am going to say it bluntly — if an organization had significant business impact due to the WannaCry Ransomware operation, they were negligent in conducting security operations. This Microsoft […]

Jeff Schilling, CISM

Chief Security Officer

Jeff Schilling (Colonel, Retired) is the Chief Security Officer at Armor Defense, the first Totally Secure cloud company and is responsible for the Security and Compliance of our customer and corporate environment.

Prior to joining, Armor, Jeff was the Director of the Global Incident Response practice for SecureWorks where his team supported more than 300 customers with incident response planning, capabilities development, digital forensics investigations and active incident management.  

Jeff retired from the US Army after 24 years of service in July of 2012.   In his last assignment, Jeff was the Director of the Army’s global Security Operations Center under US Army Cyber Command.  In this position, Jeff was responsible for synchronizing the global security operations and incident response for more than one million computer systems, on 350 wide area networks, supporting all Army organizations in more than 2500 locations. Previous to this position, Jeff was the Director of the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Global Security Operations Center with Joint Task Force Global Network Operations, where he managed security operations and global incident management for more than four million globally connected computer systems.

May 132017

Protect Against WannaCry Ransomware

On April 15th, a group of threat actors, known as the “Shadow Brokers” released a large collection of offensive security tools and data to the world. Threat actors used the deadly combo to infect thousands of computers with WannaCry ransomware in close to 100 countries, including the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), Spain’s Telefonica and […]

May 112017

Understanding Totally Secure #3: Best-of-Breed Cloud Technologies and Integrated & Automated Solutions

Ozan Talu | Vice President of Product

Learn how Armor relies on best-of-breed cloud technologies and integrated & automated solutions to drive cloud security outcomes. Ozan Talu, VP of Product Management, Armor, explores these key aspects of what it means to be Totally Secure.

Ozan Talu Image

Ozan Talu

Vice President of Product

As Vice President of Product at Armor, Ozan and his team are responsible for developing next generation security solutions that focus on protecting customers against major cyber threats across a multi-cloud reality. Ozan joined Armor from Dell where he has spent his last five years leading development of Dell Cloud Services product portfolio. Before that, he held various product development and service delivery leadership roles in the IT industry.

May 112017

The Evolution of Mirai – What the Future Could Hold

Chris Stouff, GCFE | Security Architect at Armor

When Mirai was unleashed a little over six months ago targeting security journalist Brian Krebs’ site with an unprecedented denial of service attack (DDoS) attack that reached 620 Gbps, everyone asked, “What will happen next?” We at Armor stated there would be an initial lull in the record-breaking DDoS activity that would coincide with an […]

Chris Stouff, GCFE Image

Chris Stouff, GCFE

Security Architect at Armor

With more than 15 years of security and IT expertise, Chris Stouff is one of Armor’s elite go-to sources for expertise in incident response, event forensics and advanced threat actor behavior and intelligence.

An NSA veteran, Stouff expanded his career foundation to support U.S. military efforts by collecting and analyzing foreign intelligence. In the private sector, Stouff oversaw the implementation, optimization and management of multi-state server environments, including private cloud infrastructures.

Stouff, a native Texan, has held a number of trusted industry certifications, including GIAC-Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE), Certified Novell Administrator (CNA), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Vormetric Certified Professional.

Stouff has a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from the University of Texas-Arlington.