Nov 212017

How to Manage a Cloud Vendor for HIPAA Compliance

In the second blog of a two-part series, Armor outlines a plan for selecting, managing and monitoring third party vendors to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Nov 162017

Hacking Hospitality: State of the Industry & How to Brace for Breaches

Armor addresses cyber security in the hospitality industry, security best practices, and what to do in the event of a data breach.

Nov 142017

Healthcare that Shouldn’t Cost Us… A Partnership with Cloudticity

In partnership with Cloudticity, Armor discusses the state of the healthcare industry and how the partnership is ensuring data security and compliance for organizations.

Nov 22017

Key HIPAA Compliance Questions for Public Cloud Vendors

Not all public cloud vendors are equal when it comes to HIPAA compliance. In part one of our two-part blog series, we cover key HIPAA compliance questions to help you assess cloud vendors.

Oct 312017

Who’s Haunting Your Network?

Geoffrey Pamerleau | Senior Ethical Hacker

Disappearing files, phantom administrators, suspicious logs. Unless you’re the suspicious type, you might have written these off as non-critical issues without any nefarious source. But what if there’s a maliciousness behind this madness? What if there are ghosts in your business machines?

Geoffrey Pamerleau Image

Geoffrey Pamerleau

Senior Ethical Hacker

Geoffrey Pamerleau joined Armor as a senior ethical hacker bringing 10 years of expertise in IT and cyber security to the Threat Resistant Unit (TRU). Before joining Armor, Geoff was a Computer Network Operator for the NSA, where he was tasked with performing computer network exploitation operations. He served in the United States Air Force with distinction as a Cyberspace Operations Officer.

Prior to his commission, Geoff received a Bachelors in Computer Science with a focus on Cyberwarfare from the United States Air Force Academy. While there, Geoff was a member of the Academy’s Cyber Warfare Club and competed in National and International information security competitions. Geoff has certifications in incident handling and penetration testing from SANS. (GCIH and GPEN)

Oct 272017

Why Cloud Security Matters for DevOps

In the third and final part of our Why Security Matters series, we’re focusing on the development side of the house to establish how cloud security truly matters for DevOps.

Oct 262017

Why Businesses Suck at Patch Management

Even with the prevalence of major cyber campaigns, businesses aren’t patching their critical businesses systems. Why is that? Is it a business-centric move, a misunderstanding of cloud-based threats or just apathy toward patching in general? This blog seeks to uncover the “why” behind this lack of security fundamentals and encourages businesses to stop sucking at patching

Oct 252017

Ransomware Alert: Bad Rabbit

The latest news and prevention techniques for Bad Rabbit. Armor’s security experts are monitoring this malware as it spreads globally to ensure you can protect you and your customers’ sensitive data.

Oct 202017

Why Cloud Security Matters for Compliance Professionals

In part two of our three-part blog series for National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we’re going beyond regulatory checklists and audit prep to explore why compliance professionals must build on their regulatory success to ensure the highest level of security and control for their organizations.

Oct 192017

Preview: October Armor Threat Intelligence Briefing

Learn about ransomware’s continued rise and how you can protect yourself in a preview of the latest Armor Threat Intelligence Briefing.