You selected Azure because the datacenter, physical and role based access controls are world class. But every customer on Azure is responsible for securing their own virtual machines, applications, databases and networks. That’s why we created Armor Anywhere.

Armor Anywhere allows you to protect your Azure cloud investment by adding advanced security controls and a proactive security team to your Azure instances.


While operating in the Microsoft Azure public cloud has many cost, time and flexibility advantages, it’s important to remember that securing your environment on this platform is solely your responsibility. Per Microsoft’s white paper, Shared Responsibilities for Cloud Computing, “Microsoft Azure does not monitor for or respond to security incidents within the customer’s area of responsibility”.

Armor reduces the burden of these challenges for your organization by sharing both risk and responsibility. Purpose-built to achieve a secure and compliant posture for your data, Armor Anywhere makes it easy to balance security, cost-effectiveness and cloud agility.

Azure Shared Responsibility Chart


The Azure cloud includes basic security controls for all customers. But you require enhanced security for specific types of data that can only be provided by Armor. Whether you add it to existing instances or deploy new VMs, you can protect your Azure workloads with Armor Anywhere.

Right Workload, Right Security

Not all data needs maximum Armor security. But it should still be secured by experts. With the option of our virtual private cloud or Armor Anywhere, you now get the use of both.

Public Defenders

Trust our security experts – armed with the most advanced technology – to instantly defend your Azure public cloud environment.

Single Point of Value

Find your perfect blend of cloud security, value and performance. And know it’s always managed and optimized by your expert Armor team.