Be Proactive, Not Just Reactive

There’s two sides to cyber risk – the “intentional risk” created by threat actors targeting your applications and data and the “accidental risk” caused by misconfigurations and honest mistakes by development teams in the cloud.

Armor helps you address both.

Secure The Environment of your Choice

End-to-End Security Without Endless Alerts

Your time is too valuable to spend investigating false positive alerts. And the higher the false positive rate, the more time and energy wasted.

At Armor, we’ve designed our security operations and cloud security platform to weed out false positives for you, while prioritizing legitimate alerts so your valuable time is spent focused on the threats that matter.

TIP: Ask what Alert Logic does after an alert.


The percentage of organizations that ignore alerts due to a high frequency of false positives. - "Definitive Guide to Cloud Threat Protection.” McAfee – April 2018

Best-of-breed technology

Best of Breed or Proprietary Toolsets?

We get that you want to know that the tools employed on your behalf represent the latest in technology and capabilities and aren’t just the same old proprietary ones that haven’t kept pace with threat landscape changes.

At Armor, our focus is on helping you achieve the security and compliance outcomes you need. That means we constantly evaluate the best tools available in the marketplace and integrate them into our cloud security platform to work seamlessly together—so you don’t have to.

TIP: Ask how Alert Logic’s investment in their tools stacks up against the combined investment of Armor and our technology partners.

Find Threats

Proactive, Not Just Reactive – Hunting for the Threat

Having a reactive security stance is not enough with the growing sophistication and volume of threats. You need greater assurance that your security provider is doing everything it can to protect your environment without charging a premium.

At Armor, we conduct Threat Hunting across our client environments. This puts all of our clients on a Proactive security footing, and not just those that can afford it.

TIP: Armor’s Dwell Time is less than 1 day. Ask what Alert Logic’s Dwell Time is.

< 1 Day

That's our average dwell time. The industry average is 78 days.- Learn More

Why Choose Armor Over Alert Logic?

Capabilities Armor Alert Logic
(at a premium only)
24/7/365 SOC Monitoring
Intrusion Detection
Malware Protection
Vulnerability Scanning
Log Management
Patch Monitoring
File Integrity Monitoring
Threat Hunting
(at a premium only)

Case Study

Medecision: Achieving HITRUST Certification with Armor Cloud Security

Download the case study to learn more about Medecision's needs and journey to achieving HITRUST certification in record time by using Armor.
Continuous Compliance

Is Your Compliance Continuous?

Continuous compliance is here, now. If your compliance regimen isn’t continuous, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

We make compliance more a matter of automation than the marshalling of teams. Armor solutions provide a comprehensive set of controls to address major framework requirements but also capabilities that automate scanning, assessment and even remediation so you don’t have to.

Not a Transaction, but a Trusted Advisor

Security is too important to trust to any vendor who treats your security and compliance needs as just another sales transaction.

Armor acts as a Trusted Advisor to understand your challenges you face, the security and compliance outcomes you need, and provide you the guidance and expertise to help you achieve those outcomes.

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