Is your cybersecurity team overwhelmed by the volume of log data your environment creates?

Simplify your operations. Armor will sift and sort your logs, alerting to any shady behavior

The evolving cybersecurity landscape and rapid increase in malicious security events over the past decade have forced security professionals to adapt, switching from just protection to detection and response. No longer can they expect to build an impenetrable fortress and defend the perimeter—the barbarians are not only at the gate, many have been dwelling inside for years.

Device logs have proven to be an indispensable resource for collecting data and providing insight into potential cyberthreats and compromised networks, but the raw data is useless without proper analysis and correlation. Unfortunately, the amount of information delivered on an hourly basis overwhelms most IT security teams. Finding themselves hindered by volume, velocity, manpower, and competing priorities, they are often unable to analyze and correlate the data, preventing them from finding the value in the volume.

Armor Log Management

This service collects, analyzes, and reports on event logs from firewalls, servers, OS logs, and other applications. Clients can view 30 days of logs in the Armor management portal (AMP) and store up to 13 months of log events, meeting all applicable regulatory requirements.

Analysis and Insights to Inform Threat Prevention, Detection, and Response

Armor’s log management service simplifies the process of data collection, analyzation, and correlation, delivering information that is useful and available from any device within your IT environment. Your security team is able to bypass the collection and analysis phases and focus on other objectives—only getting involved when it’s time to make decisions and implement remediation.

If you want to dig deeper and ensure the clarity of your signal, the Armor management platform (AMP) allows you to adjust the tuning of your correlated analysis to further reduce noise, improving detection accuracy, and alerts. If you need assistance of the human kind, the experts in our security operations center (SOC) are available on-demand 24/7/365.

You have to collect the dots to connect the dots

Armor Log Management brings the dots together so our threat prevention and response platform can connect them.

External Application Logs

Next Gen Firewall
Web Application Firewall
EndpointsAnalyze and correlate event logs from perimeter “appliances” and endpoints with host and container event data to identify potential advanced threats.

Container OS Logs

Other OS/PlatformsAnalyze and correlate container OS logs into your overall security monitoring program to provide extended security coverage for containerized applications. Leverage logs for forensic purposes and reviews of network activity, if needed.

Host OS Logs

Get integrated security and hardened OS protection across your on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Log Collection, Analysis, Correlation, and Retention to Address Security and Compliance Controls
Powered by Spartan Threat Prevention and Response Platform

Armor Log Management and Compliance: A Space Odyssey

In addition to detecting, identifying, and eliminating cybersecurity risks to your company, log management is a requirement for companies that must meet government and industry regulatory frameworks. You can store as many logs as you need for up to 13 months, which meets all applicable mandates. Whether you require a space station or a galaxy for your storage, Armor log management is usage-based; you only pay for what you need.  

Compliance solutions provided: 

  • Support for PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST, GLBA, GDPR, and other compliance frameworks 
  • Audit-ready reporting 
  • Storage for incident-related analysis and data 

When It Comes to Cloud Security, Are You Just Posturing?

Research has shown that executives in security and IT functions may be markedly overconfident in their cybersecurity preparedness. Studies partially attribute this misperception to their benchmarking methodologies. They were benchmarking using their own benchmarking and criteria, and, in some cases, not even conducting an assessment. Are you falling prey to this mistake? The lack of a consistent, external, and standardized benchmarking process could be putting your business and your customers at risk—from both a security and compliance standpoint.



The Armor Management Portal provides unified management of your logs from any device in any environment.


  • Turns up log collection, analysis and management in minutes
  • Provides real-time reporting on devices sending logs, usage, retention and cost
  • Delivers powerful self-service capabilities and search tools

Armor Management Portal Features