Armor File Integrity Monitoring

Host-based protection for your IT environment

File integrity monitoring (FIM) is an additional layer of security to protect your cloud, on-premise, hybrid, or hosted IT environment from threats. Should a cyberattack infiltrate firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS), your organization’s IT infrastructure is threatened. FIM enhances your existing cybersecurity measures by monitoring activity at the host, ensuring that any changes to critical system file locations and operating system files are identified and your security team is alerted.

Data Sheets

Armor File Integrity Monitoring

File integrity monitoring (FIM) is an additional layer of security to protect your cloud, on-premise, hybrid, or hosted IT environment from threats. Our Armor FIM datasheet covers all the finer points of our service.

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Delivering Security and Compliance Outcomes


New events are analyzed and correlated with existing event data from your other devices under Armor management. Through our Spartan threat prevention and response platform, we deliver enhanced detection of potential threats across your cloud, on-premise, hybrid, and hosted environments.

Advanced Threat Detection

Armor FIM provides an extra layer of protection at the host level to detect suspicious activity and alert you to potential threats.

Response that Goes Beyond Alerting

Unlike traditional managed security service providers (MSSPs), Armor goes above and beyond simple FIM alerting. Our security operations center (SOC) analysts monitor your environment 24/7/365 and work closely with your cybersecurity team to investigate and respond to potential incidents.

How Our File Integrity Monitoring Works

Delivered through an agent and installed on your virtual servers/instances/workloads, FIM is designed to monitor critical OS files, configurations, and processes as well as application files and related activities for potential indicators of compromise.

The FIM service establishes a baseline by which future activities are compared against and applies standardized monitoring policies for each workload (Linux/Windows).

Event data is fed into Armor’s Spartan threat prevention and response platform for analysis and correlation with alerted items reviewed further by Armor SOC personnel.

Armor File Integrity Monitoring looks for:

  • Changes to critical OS files and processes such as directories, registry keys and values
  • Changes to application files
  • Rogue applications running on the host
  • Unusual process and port activity
  • System incompatiblities

Armor’s File Integrity Monitoring Delivers Trusted Security

Unify protection across your cloud, on-premise, hybrid, and hosted environments through correlation of FIM events with other security controls under management.

  • Get access to battle-tested security and compliance experts monitoring your environments 24/7/365
  • Address key compliance controls involved in file integrity monitorin
  • Go beyond simple alerting to respond to incidents


The Armor Spartan threat prevention and response platform is how Armor delivers security outcomes for our customers. The Armor Spartan platform is purpose-built to leverage the agility and speed of the cloud, scaling up to drive new community insights against an ever-changing threat landscape as well as scaling out to provide unified visibility across an ever-changing IT landscape.