Armor Complete

Embrace the Cloud with Armor Complete

Yes, cybersecurity is complex. Yes, compliance is also complex. Yes, there is a solution that makes managing both feel simple. Yes, it is Armor Complete.

Armor Complete is our secure hosting solution. It is a virtual private cloud (VPC) with built-in security controls that provides the industry’s leading prevention, detection, and response services—keeping your sensitive, regulated data safe and secure. Armor Complete is cybersecurity that goes beyond alerting—beyond compliance—blocking 99.999% of all malicious security events; holding a 4% false positive rate in an industry that considers 30-40% exceptional; and reducing threat actors’ dwell time from days (industry average) to minutes.

How do we do it? It’s a combination of things, including people, passion, creativity, tools, technology, smarts, humor, caffeine, and experience—among others. We tested software, hardware, solutions, tools, people, processes—all the things there are to test when building an environment so secure that regulatory compliance was an outcome, not a goal. We did all that so our clients wouldn’t have to—that’s how we make cloud security simple.

Security Anywhere

Armor is your one stop shop for a secure, fully compliant solution no matter what your security needs.

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Security and Compliance

Making compliance simple

A cloud so secure, compliance comes naturally

Armor Complete actively reduces your security and compliance burden by providing the highest level of managed security for your customers’ data. Our uncompromised security approach enables you to more easily meet HIPAA/HITRUST, PCI DSS, and GDPR cloud compliance requirements.

With nearly a decade of hosting compliance-driven applications, we have built an audit-friendly reputation that simplifies compliance.

Components of everything from the datacenter to the application layer are protected by Armor’s uncompromised security approach. Leveraging Armor’s experience enables your business to achieve the highest level of compliance more easily, for less cost and with less management overhead than doing it yourself.

Achieve Compliance with Armor Complete:

  • Physical Security
  • Application Security
  • Server Security
  • Data Backup
  • Security Audits
  • Data Management
  • Perimeter Security
  • Network Security
  • Administrative Security
  • Secure Data Deletion
  • Access Control
  • Incident Response (IR)

Armor Complete

Empowering Cloud Performance

Native performance capabilities for an agile, scalable, and devops-ready cloud.
Armor Complete is managed for performance. We don’t oversubscribe; we over-deliver network, compute, and storage performance. It’s simple math: fewer clients sharing the same resources result in higher performance for each client.

  • High-Availability Architecture—Fully redundant architecture provides quick recovery from hardware failures
  • Flexible Storage Tiers—From high performance to low cost, our three storage tiers meet every need
  • Vertical Scalability—Increase processors, memory, and storage resources through the client portal or API
  • Geographic High Redundancy—Domain name service (DNS) hosting options help multi-national customers achieve better continuity
    and speed
  • Horizontal Scalability—Mitigate single points of failure and infinitely scale performance by load balancing servers
  • Resource Monitoring—We closely monitor our resources to ensure we consistently deliver on our promise of speed


Cloud oversubscription is the ratio of virtual server resources to physical server (host) resources. For example, a physical host (the bare metal host) equipped with two processor sockets of 12 cores each has a capacity of 24 physical CPUs (or pCPUs). However, your cloud provider may provision as many virtual CPUs (vCPUs) on that host as they wish. This performance variability stems from the fact that different cloud providers operate at different levels of oversubscription—further complicating the process of comparing clouds.

Security you can trust

24/7/365 Customer Support & Solutions

Armor Complete customers have all the access—from hosting management to insightful security discussions and effective incident response (IR)—we start at onboarding and just don’t stop, ever:

  • Access to consultative and certified engineers
  • Compliance specialists on staff
  • Accredited SOC
  • Incident monitoring and proactive response
  • Security policies, reporting, and monitoring
  • Network and information security
  • Flexible support channels: ticket, phone, and chat
  • Client portal with self-service hosting, security management, and support ticketing
  • Managed operating systems, hardened to the highest standards
  • SSL VPN access with two-factor authentication
  • Backup and recovery

Virtual Private Cloud

We don't build you a server, we build you a fortress.

Armor Complete is built on the powerful and proven VMWare NSX platform, the network virtualization and security platform for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). Every Armor Complete customer receives their own virtual private cloud; within that environment, IP addresses are private, as part of our zero-trust architecture. The operating system running your cloud servers is hardened following industry and proprietary best practices.

The Armor agent leverages best-of-breed security capabilities to secure your environment. Armor Complete is powered by Spartan, the industry’s leading threat prevention and response platform that outthinks and outpaces threats at the speed of cloud. Spartan integrates advanced analytics, global threat intelligence, and continuous response capabilities into a single solution that bolsters your defenses, uncovers hidden threats, and prevents security breaches. Telemetry from over 1,200 customers drives community insights.

Edge Security

Protection against External Threats ​ ​Web application firewall, IP reputation management, intrusion detection, DDoS

Private Gateway

Protection for your Environment ​ ​Firewall, private network address translation, routing

Security Agent

Protection at the Core ​ File integrity monitoring, O/S hardening, malware detection, vulnerability scanning, log management

Shared Responsibility

Achieve Uncompromised Security, Together

Armor allows you to outsource your risk by sharing the responsibility. Armor complete is purpose-built to achieve a secure and compliant posture for your data that enables your business to innovate in the cloud. Armor reduces the burden of these challenges for your organization by sharing both risk and responsibility.

Armor Management Portal

The Armor Management Portal (AMP) provides you with a single-pane-of-glass visibility into your security program providing real-time visibility and management of your security controls.

Security Metrics to Benchmark Your Success
Integrated within AMP, the Security Analytics dashboard delivers real-time visibility powered by advanced correlation and analytics to help you make smarter decisions.

  • Instantly add and scale cloud resources such as virtual servers and storage
  • Make instant firewall policy changes with self-service rules
  • Manage their IP space (public and private)
  • Create and manage site-to-site (L2L) VPN tunnels
  • Control access to the environment by managing users, roles and permissions
  • Create and interact with support tickets
  • Shop for additional services such as additional IP addresses, data replication, backups, encryption and many others in
    theArmor Marketplace
  • Real-time visibility into security metrics through the Security Dashboard

What Makes Armor Solutions So Complete, Easy, and Effective Against Today's Cyber Threats?

The Armor Spartan threat prevention and response platform is how Armor delivers security outcomes for our customers. The Armor Spartan platform is purpose-built to leverage the agility and speed of the cloud, scaling up to drive new community insights against an ever-changing threat landscape as well as scaling out to provide unified visibility across an ever-changing IT landscape.

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