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Cloud-native managed security and hosting for your critical data

Armor Complete is the only turnkey secure cloud hosting solution purpose-built for sensitive and regulated data. As the culmination of our Totally Secure approach, Armor Complete provides compliant, high-performant hosting infrastructure with built-in, managed security from the proven talent in our security operations center (SOC).

Deploy and scale your cloud-native applications without compromising security and compliance.

We are a fully-featured cloud platform: servers, storage and advanced network capabilities.


Available cloud server configurations

  • Processors: 1 to 16 vCPUs
  • Memory: 2 to 96 GB
  • Storage: three tiers, from high-performance to low-cost
  • Operating systems: Windows, CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu
Self-service hosting functions via control panel and API

  • Provision virtual machines
  • Allocate IP addresses
  • Create firewall rules
  • Manage users and their level of access / permissions
  • Add marketplace services such as SSL certs, encryption, vulnerability scanning, and many more

Armor Complete customers receive dedicated, around-the-clock support from our cloud specialists and certified engineers. These skilled cloud experts deliver hands-on support for implementing, configuring and monitoring your secure Armor environment.


Armor Complete customer support includes:

  • 60-day launch assistance
  • Engineers available 24/7/365 via ticket, phone or live chat
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Certified engineering and compliance analysis
  • Performance tuning

Armor Complete extends your security team. The proven cloud security badasses in our security operations center (SOC) are dedicated to helping you monitor, analyze and defend your environment from persistent threats.

  • Industry-leading dwell time: Shorter than any of our competitors by a factor of 100, our dwell time represents the minuscule amount of time between detection and removal of a threat actor from our customer’s instances.
  • Our CISO is your CISO: Extend your cloud security roster with proven security talent. We provide the expertise (from our security analysts up to our executives) to provide hands-on support and guidance.
  • Certifiable cyber security badasses: The individuals in our security operations center (SOC) have a combined 60 cyber security certifications.


Security-Driven Compliant Hosting

Armor Complete is the ideal solution for compliance in the cloud. This HIPAA- and PCI DSS 3.2-compliant solution provides inherent critical compliance controls to streamline audits – from the minute you deploy your servers.

Get the best of both security and compliance for your sensitive and regulated data with Armor Complete.

Extensive API library

Go beyond the Armor Management Portal (AMP) and programatically manage your Armor Complete account with the Armor’s RESTful HTTP API. For easier integration and understanding, you can leverage the interactive Armor API tool, powered by Swagger, which allows you to test and execute easy-to-understand API calls.

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By putting our trust in Armor, we returned our focus to our primary business: developing a revolutionary secure media platform. Selecting Armor immediately gave us credibility with regards to our back-end security

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Michael Fahey, Founder and CEO, Armored Info

Cloud Security Layer-by-Layer

How Armor Complete protects your data from cyber threats

Armor Complete provides secure cloud hosting through multiple cyber security layers. Combined with unprecedented levels of managed security and service, this solution protects your critical data from threat actors.

How does it achieve this result? In short, this unmatched proficiency is due to a finely tuned approach to security architecture. Its multiple integrated layers block malicious traffic using intel compiled from our own IP space and insights from more than 50 intelligence feeds.

Explore our industry-leading infrastructure and integrated security layers to learn how Armor helps organizations reduce threat actor dwell time to near zero.


Internet protocol reputation management (IPRM) filters public internet traffic matched to an IP blacklist.


The Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a key focus of the Armor Intelligent Security Model. It provides protection from layer-seven oriented attacks targeted toward customer applications.


Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service (DoS and DDoS) protection is provided at every datacenter location. Once a DDoS attack is detected, Armor’s security team directs traffic through a series of filters effectively mitigating the threat.


Network intrusion detection provides real-time inspection of HTTP (port 80) network traffic that has passed through the Armor Complete perimeter for malicious and anomalous behavior.

Defense funnel diagram titled

Armor Intelligent Security Model (ISM)


Armor Complete operates through our proprietary Intelligent Security Model (ISM) – a closed-loop system that actively learns how to combat threats. Through a combination of intelligence, defense, and control, Armor Complete’s ISM delivers the highest level of security and compliance. The architecture is purpose-built for security and performance, providing integrated security technologies to deliver real security outcomes.

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Secure, Global Hosting at Our Data Centers

Physical security, performance and redundancy are just the beginning

Each Armor data center facility was hand selected and purpose built to provide security in excess of even the most stringent compliance requirements.

Through strategic geographical disbursement, Armor customers receive robust business continuity options, ensuring predictable functionality even when the current situation isn’t.
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