Proactive Security

Secure Cloud Applications & Continuously Ensure Compliance

Securing the Accidental and Intentional

As organizations migrate applications and data to the cloud, security is racing to keep pace. Add in development and DevOps teams that like to move fast and break things, and you’ll quickly find your organization lacks the visibility, security, and control it needs to protect cloud applications and data.

Complete Visibility Across Clouds

In order to solve the risks associated with the cloud, Armor’s Automated Security & Compliance solution dynamically discovers cloud resources and sensitive data across public, private, & hybrid cloud types.

It eliminates blind spots across cloud environments from simple misconfigurations and open settings that leave you vulnerable to discovery of unknown instances in your environment.

Security and Compliance
Security Anywhere

Secure Your Workloads, Wherever They Are

Continuously monitor resources for vulnerabilities and configuration drift and with Armor Anywhere it makes cloud security at scale possible.

Armor Anywhere is a threat detection and response solution for public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Ensure you have the right security controls in place to protect your applications and data.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Armor Anywhere simplifies the task of achieving and maintaining compliance across your ever-changing cloud environment with controls that map to regulations and provides audit-ready compliance in under 2 minutes.

Armor Anywhere continuously monitor security and compliance violations for HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, ISO, CIS, NIST, and GDPR and generate audit-ready reports for any compliance standard with a single click.

Pass Compliance Audits

How it Works

Provide secure access to your account

Armor's Automated Security & Compliance solution uses secure, cross-account access to query cloud provider APIs on your behalf.

Give Armor read-only permissions

Armor uses the least privileged permissions available and never requires write access to your cloud accounts.

Connect your account to Armor solutions

It takes only a few minutes to connect a new cloud account and start receiving automated security and compliance.

Begin Scanning

You can initiate scans on-demand or enable continuous, background scanning and continuous protection.

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