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Christmas Knives for 2010

Well, they are kind of a tradition now, so with a bit of help from Santa's elves, here are our small knives for Christmas. One does need to add a note of caution as ripping your stocking down and digging into to see what Santa has brought can lead to a nick or two. These classic medieval knives are inspired by some of the pieces in the Knives and Scabbards monograph published by the Museum of London and other sources.

Distinctive for their utility and interesting designs, these handy knives were the tools of choice for hundreds, if not thousands of years. From simple wooden grips to the addition of bolsters, plates and filing, this year's group has a wide variety. They are all sharp and if one needs a scabbard let us know, they will be available for a small additional fee.

Originals: Circa 11th - 15th Century

Knife - Overall length: Price $
A - Medieval Knife with tapered grip 10.2" Sold $90.00
B - Medieval Knife small forge pit on blade. 10.3" Sold $90.00
C - Bronze bolster 8.25"
D - stepped back edge 8"
E - straight edge sharp 6"
F - drop point blade 8.4" Sold $85.00
G - Large medieval cutting knife 11.5" Sold $140.00
H - Clipped point with bronze bolster 8.6"
I - scoured grip with decorative end 8.55" Sold $85.00
J - Bronze bolster and beaded tang 8.4" Sold $120.00
K - Medieval Cutting knife tublar rivets

Shipping and Handling on all knives is $12.00

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