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#014 Viking Spear

The spear, not the sword, was the basic Viking weapon. No viking warrior would be more than a few feet from his spear at any time. They, in fact, had several different types of spears in their arsenal. Our spear is an elongated diamond shape, with a stout cross section and sharp edges. This type of weapon is very effective in hand-to-hand combat. The practicality of this type of weapon can be seen through out the early medieval period as many cultures used it as the main weapon.

You can see some of the best research into the use of weapons from this period on a great website detailing Viking culture and combat here Hurstwic. Plus see some items made by A&A in action.

The price includes a 6' ash pole with the head mounted.

Original: 10th Century Scandinavian

Head length: 15"

$210 + $51 shipping and handling